What You Need To Know About The Rising Wellness Trend

Self-care is NOT indulgent. Caring about wellness not only keeps us physically healthy, but reduces anxiety and helps us create traditions that keep us sane and give us time to reflect on ourselves. Taking time out of our month, week, and day to work on a little self-care is important for keeping us happy and healthy. Here are some of the ways the idea of personal wellness are changing the way we look at what we eat, what we buy, and what we do.

We Are Changing Our Eating Habits

The number one thing we think of when we consider our health and wellness is what we put into our bodies. More than ever, people are looking at exactly what they?re ingesting – is it non-GMO? Organic? While the second half of 1900?s were all about using industry to create better, faster, cheaper products (leading to things like the popularization of fast food culture), we are now willing to pay more and work harder to make sure our bodies are strong and healthy.

We Are Prioritizing Stress Management Over Work

While it?s important to take pride in being a hard-working professional, companies and employees are now getting the message that personal wellness is important on both an individual and a professional level. While it may make sense to push ourselves to get the job done, employers are finally understanding that people perform better when they are happy and healthy. This mentality has led us to ditch the bar to bond with our coworkers, and replace it with meditating together at an after-work yoga class. Instead of spending the weekend packing in tasks and duties, we are working to find peace at spas and health retreats like Golden Door Health Retreat in Queensland. When we understand the importance of taking a break from the world to revitalize ourselves, we are able to produce some of our best work.

We Are Not All Millennials

You may think the wellness trend is just for Millennials, but prioritizing self-care is something that spans generations. Millennials are the spark that started a movement, but we all benefit from the mentality of putting ourselves first. It may be seen by some as overly indulgent, and older generations may look at this mentality as lazy or selfish, but many are on board with the idea that we can all become our best selves when we allow ourselves to relax and grow.

We Are Reinventing Fitness

The image often associated with fitness is the person sweating on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights. Today, we look at working out a little differently. Fitness is a well-known anxiety reducer, but there?s also a lot of stress when it comes to pushing ourselves to the limit to get the body we desire. With more of an emphasis on overall wellness instead of just getting a muscular body, we have altered the way we look at the typical work out. People are giving up gym visits for nature hikes, yoga classes, and scenic bike rides. Much more interesting than staring at the TV while on an elliptical, people are opting to get in touch with nature to soothe their soul as well as work out their body.

We Are Incorporating Technology

Staying well is not always simple, but using technology is. That?s why many of us are turning to electronic solutions when it comes to making the most of our workouts, tracking what we eat, and getting the best sleep possible. With devices like FitBits, we are able to track our steps and monitor our heart rate during our workouts. But what about mental wellness? Turns out there are many apps that help us engage in meditation, combat depression, and release anxiety.

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