What Are the Science-Backed Health Benefits of Hypnosis?

Complementary medicine has been around for thousands of years. In fact, practices such as Ayurveda date back to the 6th century B.C.

And because the world has shifted toward a more health-conscious mindset, these ancient practices have seen a boom in recent years. Over a third of American adults use some form of complementary medicine!

With yoga and meditation becoming mainstream, people have begun branching out into more alternative therapies, hypnosis being one of these treatments.

It’s easy to write hypnosis off as a hoax, reserved for controlling gullible characters in Saturday morning cartoons, but the benefits of hypnosis are many.

If you’re interested in learning more about how hypnosis can improve your life, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover 8 ways hypnosis can benefit you.

1. Break Bad Habits

From nail-biting to smoking, we all have a bad habit or two that we could stand to kick. As hypnosis works in part by making you highly suggestible, a hypnotherapist is able to create negative connotations with the bad habit.

For example, you might fixate on the dry mouth you experience with smoking, rather than the pleasurable sensation you thought of previously. This will help deter you from picking up a cigarette in the future.

2. Lose Weight

Maybe you don’t bite your nails or indulge in cigarettes, maybe your weakness is sugary treats. Or perhaps the thought of going to the gym gives you anxiety. Well, a hypnotherapist can help with that!

You will still need to make improvements in your diet and exercise routine in order to see results, but hypnosis can put in the correct frame of mind to do so.

3. Improve Sleep

During a hypnotherapy session, you are put in a sleep-like state without actually being asleep. A hypnotherapist can teach you how to self-hypnotize to put yourself into this state of deep relaxation, during which you’ll fall asleep much more easily.

Whether you suffer from sleepwalking, insomnia, or trouble staying asleep, hypnosis can help you to learn techniques that will allow you to achieve the rest you need. In fact, hypnosis can improve your sleep by as much as 80%!

4. Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a common intestinal disorder that can cause symptoms such as constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. And, you guessed it, hypnosis can improve them all!

Along with the gastrointestinal symptoms, hypnosis also treats the anxiety that often accompanies them. There’s no need to accept poor physical health as the norm, learn more about hypnosis and you’ll see that a healthier life is more attainable than you think!

5. Lessen Depression

Everyone has off days, and while this is completely normal, depression is something else entirely. Depression can cause a host of problems, from loss of appetite to low energy, and can even put your life at risk.

By adjusting your mindset and thought processes, hypnosis can be incredibly effective in boosting the treatment of common mental disorders such as depression.

You should remain on any anti-depressants prescribed by your psychiatrist, but hypnosis can work alongside these medications, making them more effective.

6. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The only mental illness more prevalent than depression is anxiety. Anxiety affects more than 18% of the population and can be debilitating if left untreated.

And even if you aren’t part of this population, chances are you experience some level of stress in your everyday life.

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for all levels of stress, from that caused by the most commonplace of pressures to the downright crippling.

Like depression, it’s important that you continue to take any prescribed medications unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. However, hypnotherapy can work wonders in terms of rewiring bad mental habits such as cyclical or obsessive thinking.

If you’re interested in adjusting your thought process and adopting a more relaxed frame of mind, hypnotherapy could be your answer.

7. Relieve Chronic Pain

Did you know that 50 million American adults deal with chronic pain?

The number of people suffering on a daily basis is shocking. And the likelihood of leaning too heavily on pain medication to cope with the constant discomfort and developing a dependence, as a result, is all too high.

Complementary medicine is a fantastic alternative to these heavy-hitting pain medications. Improving your diet, practicing yoga, and giving chiropractic or acupuncture treatment a try are all great ideas.

Believe it or not, research shows that hypnotherapy is also a valuable tool in curbing chronic pain.

And when you consider that pain is a product of signals from neurotransmitters in your brain, it makes sense that a form of mental therapy such as hypnosis could be beneficial.

8. Reduce Hot Flashes

Menopause can be a tumultuous time in a woman’s life, which is only made worse if you experience frequent hot flashes and night sweats. To help lessen these symptoms, consider hypnotherapy!

Hot flashes can range from a slight annoyance to a major life disruption, and most women deal with them for many years before they finally subside.

Well, hypnotherapy treatment can lessen the number of hot flashes you endure, as well as improve your sleep by reducing night sweats.

The Many Benefits of Hypnosis

As you can see, hypnosis can help you improve your life in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re struggling with your mental or physical health, or simply want to break a bad habit, consider giving hypnosis a try!

Now, you should never disregard the medical advice of your doctor. Complementary medicine is just that – complementary. But the benefits of hypnosis may be just what you need to take your treatment to the next level.

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