What Are The Best E-Liquids This Year?

There are some portable vaporizers that perform better than others.

Finding new e-liquids is always exciting, but sometimes you might run out of ideas. That is why we asked other vapers, and we came up with a list that contains the best e-liquids on the market. Here are the most popular choices this year.

Blueberry cheesecake flavour

If you are looking for the best e liquid flavour, you might enjoy a sweet dessert. If you like both blueberries and cheesecake, then you will love this flavour named Smurf Cake. The taste is very rich, and it manages to combine blueberries and cheesecake perfectly. You can enjoy this during the hot season and the cold season as well. Additionally, the flavour works both for persons who drip and persons who vape.

Fruit Cereal Flavour

Rainbow Crunch is a playful flavour that should remind you of your childhood. You can purchase it from VapeWild. It remains one of the top choices for this brand?s clients and that it brings the same feeling you had each morning during school days. Rainbow Crunch also makes you taste the milk that is left in the bowl after you finish your cereal.

Mixed Fruit Flavour

Healthy eaters should love this flavour that is called Hannibal Nectar. It combines various fruits and it very popular amongst vapers. This flavour is quite new on the market, and it has only been around for a year. Hannibal Nectar combines berries, melons, oranges and some other tropical fruits.

Strawberry Banana Custard Flavour

The Circus Bear flavour comes with bananas and strawberries, which can be the perfect combination when it comes to fruity tastes. The flavour is smooth and refreshing, and it manages to be sweet without being too much for a vaper. The Circus Bear e-juice will make you enjoy every single drop.

Berry and Menthol Flavour

Menthol may remind you of your old smoking days. This flavour remains very popular, and the berry combination provides an enhanced taste. Numerous users prefer this flavour known as Cowboy Cooler. You should know that there are different combinations when it comes to fruits. You can choose between strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, and blackberries.

Rocket Popsicle Flavour

This flavour was one of the most popular flavours this year. Murica, this amazing e-juice, manages to combine the taste of blue raspberries, lemon-lime, and red cherries. If you want to experience the real American flavour, you should give this e-juice a try.

Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade Flavor

Blue Harvest is the perfect refreshing flavour for this summer. It creates the ideal beverage for this hot weather, and it combines the lemonade taste with fresh blueberries and watermelons. It is very likely that you will enjoy this flavour more during summer.

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