What are adjustable beds, and what mattress should you use with it?

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For many of us couch potatoes, we often do not want to exactly sit on the sofa set but prefer something that allows us to recline more. And if you have a TV in your bedroom, you will likely be well-acquainted with pillow-propping shenanigans, because lying completely flat makes it impossible to enjoy your Netflix binge session. Let alone TV, or working on a laptop, or other circumstances where you want to recline close to a laid-back position but not completely lie down, flatbeds are often not comfortable for many of us with breathing problems, or nasal congestion, or sometimes you just do not feel right. Stacking pillows before sleeping remedies this, but also poses the risk of waking up with a pain on your neck.

For these cases, the tailor-made solution is an adjustable bed. Simply put, these are beds with multiple hinges, which enables them to be profiled at different positions. You can use it as a standard bed, and prop it up to make it into a comfy makeshift easy chair. Additionally, it can be tilted from any side in case of more than two hinges, letting you lock it into both a Trendelenburg and a reverse trendelenburg position.

Benefits of Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds, in conjunction with a decent and compatible mattress, will definitely help you start sleeping better. Moreover – as we said earlier – these can help with a number of different scenarios. You can work with your laptop in the prime of comfort to make it feel less like a chore, or you can even tilt and fine-tune it to have just the perfect kind of incline you want when watching TV.

These usually also come with height adjustment options, letting you reshape it according to your preferences.

More than just mere convenience, adjustable beds are often used in medical facilities and hospitals as well, because they often have a remedial and therapeutic effect on patients of musculoskeletal issues or injuries.

Types of Adjustable beds

Like many other specialized homecare products, Adjustable beds come in a number of types and price ranges. Since the price ranges mostly depend on factors like the manufacturer brand equity and the economical parameters of your country of residence, we will briefly list the four major types here.

  • Standard profiling beds can be lowered to 40cm, raised to at least 80 cm, and usually have a weight capacity higher than 150 kg.
  • Low profiling beds have a minimum platform height capped at 21cm.
  • Ultra-low profiling beds go down to as much as 70mm from the floor and usually come with side rails.
  • Bariatric beds have variable height adjustment options, but are at least 120cm wide and can withstand a higher amount of weight, up to almost 300 kg.

Compatible mattresses

To really get the most comfortable experience, adjustable beds are used with luxury bedding. There are a number of options available for adjustable beds, including the standard mattresses like PVC mattresses, airbeds, and foam mattresses. In addition, wedge mattresses go well with adjustable beds.


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