Ways You May Not Have Known Stress Impacts Your Health

Everyone gets stressed on occasion and that is perfectly natural

Heaven knows that moms are some of the most overworked individuals in the world. If they’re not tending to the needs of their family, they’re off trying to conquer things in the office. With barely enough time to commit to herself, it can be pretty common for a mom to become stressed. Though it sometimes comes with the territory, too much stress can be bad for your health. What many women don’t know, is that it can cause a lot more issues than just a bad headache and can require more than a glass of wine to heal.

It Makes You Tired

Have you been feeling a bit more fatigued than usual? If so, you could be under a great deal of stress. When you’re suffering from chronic stress, it can reduce the amount of cortisol your brain sends to the bloodstream causing you to feel sluggish all day.

Solution: Outside of finding ways to reduce your stress, you can exercise to increase your brain’s natural production of cortisol. As exercise can also get you worked up, it’s likely you’ll fall asleep right after a nice cool shower.

It Can Lead to an Eating Disorder

Food is often used or stricken from the menu when dealing with extreme amounts of stress. While some women choose to binge on comfort foods to get past the feeling, others choose to regain control by restricting themselves from eating. Prolonged eating habits like this could lead to an eating disorder.

Solution: It is imperative to maintain a proper diet complete with fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. You should have three meals per day with a snack or two in-between. Should you feel yourself binge eating or avoiding food, you should enter eating disorder facilities for treatment.

It Can Lead To Addiction

Stress is often linked to addiction because it truly is a key factor in many situations when people experiment and then become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Often substances, legal or illegal, are viewed by society and their users as escapes or outlets from whatever you may be dealing with. Whether it is work struggles, marital issues, or something different altogether, stress is the fallout from those things which people can turn to substances to cope with.

Solution: Get help! Professionals all across the country are studying rehabilitation for individuals and their insight and facilities make a life-changing difference to people everyday. Rehab is often thought of as expensive, but many facilities and services are setting up and accepting health insurance for addiction treatment. Battling stress and addiction on your own is typically the hardest way to get through it!

It Lowers Your Libido

If you’ve been shrugging your significant other off more than usual lately, it may boil down to the amount of stress you?re under. When you’re really stressed, your body will produce less estrogen which is required for reproductive health. This can lead to a lowered interest in sexual activities.

Solution: To boost your libido, you’re going to want to change up your eating habits a bit. Reducing the number of processed foods you consume and increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is recommended.

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It Screws with Your Focus

As the mom, you’re charged with staying on top of things remembering what the rest of the family won’t. From homework deadlines and after-school activity schedules to birthdays and anniversaries, there’s a lot swirling around in your brain. When you’re so stressed out about other areas of your life, it can take your focus off of other things and cause you to forget the things most important to you and your loved ones.

Cause You to Lose Hair

When you’re really stressed it increases the body’s natural production of a hormone known as androgens which can lead to the shedding of the hair.

Solution: Fortunately, hair loss as a result of stress is often a temporary side effect. You can improve the health of your hair by taking a regular vitamin and eating a well-balanced diet.

Though some would argue that motherhood and stress go hand in hand, when things start to go above and beyond the norm, it can begin to affect your health. If you’ve noticed these symptoms, or simply feel different than your normal self, it is best to try and reduce the stress in your life. If necessary, consult with a doctor, therapist, or rehab facility to get the treatment you need for a full recovery.

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