Are Iron Supplements Necessary?


Iron is one mineral that your body needs desperately. Every cell contains and requires iron, but red blood cells are the ones that are the real reserves of iron in your body. Iron is a chief component of haemoglobin that is present in your red blood cells and it helps transport oxygen to all corners of your body. If you are iron deficient, then you will not be able to produce enough haemoglobin and the different cells, tissues, muscles and organs of your body will be starved of oxygen and they will not be able to effectively perform their respective tasks.

That’s not all that iron does for you, it also helps in utilizing energy from nutrients and coordinate the movements of your body by regulating nerve impulses. And when your body doesn’t get enough iron, problems show up. This is when your doctor will suggest you increase your intake of iron-rich foods and if that doesn’t suffice you will be recommended iron supplements. Let’s look at how iron supplements can help you –

1.     Crucial to Treatment of Anaemia

When your iron level drops, you get iron deficiency anaemia, which is actually the most prevalent kind of nutritional deficiency globally. Iron supplements can banish the symptoms of anaemia such as disorientation, lethargy, rapid heart rate etc.

2.     Improves your Haemoglobin count

When your haemoglobin level is really low, then iron tablets can come to your rescue.  Once you start taking these supplements, you will notice a vast improvement in the results of your next haemoglobin count blood test.

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3.     Reduces fatigue

People in whom iron level is low experience chronic fatigue. It makes going about your daily tasks exhausting and tedious. Both men and women can be afflicted by it but it happens more commonly in women who are in their childbearing age. Iron tablets can infuse you with energy by meeting your body’s iron shortage.

4.     Enhances muscle strength

If you don’t have enough iron in your body, your muscles will weaken. In such cases, iron supplements will help. They not only strengthen your muscles but also improve their tone as well as elasticity. Moreover, they can reduce muscle pain caused by inflammation and repair injured tissues.

5.     Improves your immunity

The more oxygen your cells get, the tougher and more resistant they become to attacks from pathogens. So, consuming iron pills will help you ward off many irksome disorders like the flu, common cough and cold, allergic reactions etc.

6.     Reduces incidents of bruising

If you bruise easily, then you possibly have a low iron level in your body. Iron will induce haemoglobin to make more platelets that are responsible for blood clotting and only when the platelets do their job will bruising cease from forming.

7.     Helps you to concentrate

When your iron level plummets, the first thing you will notice is an inability to concentrate. There will be a general decline in your cognitive abilities. But once you start taking iron tablets, these problems will disappear.

8.     Improves sleep

Iron supplements will help you sleep longer. Studies claim that these tablets may also improve the quality of your sleep.

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But beware!

Strictly, stick to the dosage that your doctor has prescribed and do not self medicate. If you have a hunch that your iron level has dwindled and you need iron supplements, then visit your doctor and express your concerns. Overdosing on iron can be dangerous. Here is what could happen-

  • The most harmless side effect of excess iron is an upset stomach and nausea and cramps
  • But it can get worse when excess iron starts to build up in your liver and other organs and starts to affect their functions
  • When you take in too much iron it creates a lot of free radicals that are catastrophic for your heart
  • Unnecessary iron can also interfere with certain treatments and can even lead to cancer
  • Iron overdose can cause internal haemorrhage, coma and seizures


Iron is a super important mineral that performs many vital functions. And if you don’t have enough iron, supplements of it can help. Otherwise, you really do not need iron supplements. For your daily requirement of iron, foods high in iron should suffice.

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