Adding Supplements to live Healthier

Many of us live hectic lifestyles, making it difficult to take time for healthy home cooked meals. We are trapped into eating on the run and doing the best we can to insure that we are eating meals that are nutritionally sound. We turn to a dietary supplement to make sure we are getting the vitamins and nutrients we need.

But supplementing can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. The way you take your supplements can influence how beneficial they are for you. Here are seven tips to simplify your day and make the most of the supplements.

1. Combine probiotics with a glass of milk before meal
Dairy is a great source of calcium and probiotics that can help your digestive system deal with food, especially the fats in food. You should combine these two and start having a glass of milk with a probiotic tablet before milk. If you take the probiotic capsules before eating, you will make the most out of its digestive benefits. Furthermore, if you enjoy the probiotics with milk it’ll be more beneficial than if you just drank water. The milk will help protect and slow down the probiotics march on your intestinal tract.

2. Do a task and take a supplement
If you find taking supplements a bit difficult to remember, you should combine taking them with another task. Think of things you do every single day and start taking a supplement as you are doing these tasks. For example, if you always brew coffee in the morning, place a supplement such as c-vitamin right next to the coffee pot and take it while the coffee is brewing. Another obvious example would be to take your supplements with your dinner, especially if you eat at the same time and place on most nights. Some smaller supplements could even be taken as you are about to brush your teeth at night.

3. Stop hiding your supplements
You can’t really expect to take your medicine if you don’t even see them. There is an old saying “out of sight, out of mind”, which is rather accurate when it comes to taking supplements. If you want to simplify the process of taking supplements, keep them at hand. You need them to be somewhere accessible and in your view, so you are reminded of their existence. If you don?t want them all to be in view, get a cute pill box that will be enough to remind you or have them in your bathroom cabinet right next to the toothbrush.

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4.Spread your calcium intake
If you need to supplement calcium, you don’t want to take it all at once. This is because your body won?t be able to absorb a lot of calcium at once and therefore, you might end up just passing the calcium through your body this would waste a lot of money and mean you don’t get any health benefits. You should never take more than 500 mg of calcium at a time. A good idea would be to take one portion in the morning with breakfast and then the other dose in the evening before going to bed.

5. Pair up iron with c-vitamin
If you are looking for the supplement dream team, then it would be iron and c-vitamin. The latter is essential for helping the body to absorb iron. You just need to be careful with supplementing iron as excess iron can be harmful. The best is to get your iron from food sources so eat a lot of seafood and beans. C-vitamin is also abundant in foods like oranges, bell peppers and even strawberries, although you can also find good supplements for this magnificent supplement.

6. Take your supplements with food
Overall, it’s a good idea to take your supplements with food. Many vitamins, such as D-vitamin, will absorb better if you take them with a large meal. You need to have fats with your supplements since healthy fats can boost the absorption and ensure you make the most of the healthy foods.

7. Chart your progress and reward yourself
Unlike an antibiotic results from taking supplements can be slow to see positive results. It is vital for you to take supplements consistently to see results. Make sure you take a supplement as directed for at least 30 days, look back to see the impact and if you see noticeable results.

Now, when it comes to supplements, you definitely want to buy your products from professional retailers. Some supplements are not quite what they claim to be so careful and opt for well-known and award-winning brands. Higher prices do not always mean better supplements, so research your products to find trusted brands.

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