5 Things To Think About Before Using Testogen Testosterone Supplement Pills

Testosterone is the main sex hormone that’s predominantly produced by men. When young pen hit puberty, testosterone plays a big part in helping boys grow facial hair, improve muscles development and maybe even broader shoulders. Testosterone also plays a big part in boosting men’s sex-drives but while men get older, they begin to experience a decline in their testosterone levels which can lead a decrease in libido, often beginning when they reach their thirties. To combat this many men take testosterone supplement pills, one brand that’s become quite popular is Testogen. Even though it might be becoming more popular we understand that you might be feeling a little bit apprehensive and that you might need some advice on what you should be think about when you take these pills. Below are five things that you should think about before taking Testogen.

  1.     Talk to your doctor.

You should talk to your doctor before taking any sort of pill or supplement that you’re unsure of particularly testosterone supplements. If you feel that your testosterone levels are decreasing there could be a number of health reasons for this. Some cancer treatments can cause a loss of testosterone. Pituitary disorders, for example Hyperprolactinemia, HIV and AIDs can decrease your testosterone levels as can certain inflammatory diseases, such as Sarcoidosis or Tuberculosis.

Try not to panic though as it’s likely that your testosterone deficiency is purely linked to age as it’s been shown that testosterone levels can decrease up to 8 percent every ten years. Regardless it’s worth checking with your doctor what could be going on.

  1.     Consider your age.
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In 2016 and 2017 several results were released from a series of “T Trials” that looked at almost 800 men over the age 65 and were experiencing testosterone deficiency. Surprisingly, most of the results showed that certain conditions that are known to come with aging were improved like anaemia, weakened bones strength when taking supplements known to produce testosterone like Vitamin D.

However, when tests were taken out to see the effects on the cardiovascular system the researchers found a large increase in plaque volume in the coronary artery, which supplies the heart with blood so was obviously a great health risk. At the end of the trial it was concluded that a lot more research needed to be done but as we previously said it’s vital that you speak to your doctor beforehand.

  1.     Side effects.

No doubt this something go through your mind when you’re looking at this article is what the Testogen but we’re happy to tell you that Testogen doesn’t have many side effects. The supplement contains eleven different natural ingredients that are known to increase testosterone levels naturally.

These ingredients include herb extracts like Red Ginseng which is known as the “king of all herbs” Nettle Leaf and Fenugreek and vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin K1.

However, some men can have allergic reactions to some of these items so it’s best to investigate the entire list of ingredients used. Some men do report changes in their mood) and acne symptoms, but this is a natural reaction. Though, in addition to this, it’s worth noting that there are some side effects that go along with a lot of other testosterone supplements that include fluid retention, which causes liquid to build up in other parts of the body like the leg, increased urination and also decreased sex-drive.

  1.     Think about the risks.
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The risks previously mentioned have been proven to be specifically linked to elder men. But some doctors believe that using testosterone can bring about a large increase in the risk of prostate cancer. In the UK it’s currently estimated that one in eight men will get prostate cancer so this is not a risk that should be taken lightly so if you fear that you might be at risk of this then it’s vital that you proceed with caution.

We did mention above that some of the protentional side effects – that aren’t linked with Testogen but are linked to other testosterone treatments – can appear as risks particularly fluid retention which can be a serious medical condition. Testosterone is also addictive which can lead to a large amount of problems including some severe withdrawal symptoms, however, addiction is not linked to many natural ingredients that boost testosterone so Testogen can assumed to be safe.

  1.     Weigh up the benefits.

We’ve looked at some negatives and some risks but there a lot of positives that go along with taking Testogen. We’ve already mentioned that most of the ingredients in Testogen are natural which is great for your body as you’re not loading yourself up with harmful chemicals that are used in most other testosterone therapies.

Testosterone is responsible for muscle mass growth so taking the supplement if you have deficiency will help reduce the levels of fat in your body and if you combine your testosterone treatment with a good fitness routine then your muscles will greatly improve. For men between 30 and 70 years old it’s been proven that increased testosterone can improve your memory and thinking ability and research even shows that men with a higher testosterone level were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Testosterone also plays a great part in your sex-drive so taking Testogen would greatly improve your libido if you were experiencing problems in the bedroom. Though it’s strongly worth noting that erectile dysfunction is not caused by a decrease in libido.

All in all, there are both benefits and risks to using Testogen or any other testosterone treatments that you and your doctor should think strongly about before taking it. It’s vital that you look into as much as you can and the fact that you’ve decided to do some research is a step in the right direction.

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