Top 5 Countries with the Best Drug Rehab Centers

First you feel ecstatic, then you start losing senses, your brain gets messed up, and finally, you end up in a ditch – you die! This is the most precise story of a drug addict.

Everybody knows about the dangers of drugs, but still, people in many countries fall prey to drug addiction.

Different drugs have different effects, and none is good. Drugs capture you like an octopus and attack your central nervous system. The worst thing is: most of the drugs don’t leave you, if you don’t leave them, until the last breath.

Many countries are struggling with drug addiction and have declared war against drugs. But some countries have the best rehabilitation centers in the world to make the journey of drug detoxification easy for addicts.

Here are the top 5 countries setting examples for others in the war against drugs:


Portugal had to fight a serious war against drugs in the 1990s. Drugs like cocaine and heroin were common, so were the associated issues.

But instead of criminalizing drug use, it focused on its drug treatment program and increased awareness and rehabilitation of the addicts.

Drug rehabilitation centers in Portugal are one of the best in the world. They provide addiction treatments that include detoxification, therapy, and medical sessions.


Drug addiction in Switzerland didn’t only erupt drug problems but also brought along AIDS in the 1980s. The worsening health condition of people paved the path to bring revolution in drug policies and open rehabilitation centers.

Switzerland has one of the world’s most luxurious rehabilitation centers with equal opportunities for middle-class people.

The long struggle of Switzerland against drugs has changed its ‘open drug scene’ for good.

United States:

The U.S. is fighting against drugs for a long time. It adopted various means to stop drug usage. From propaganda through films, tightening drugs policies to spreading awareness, U.S. has come a long way.

It has one of the best rehab centers in the world, and why not? Its rehab centers not only provide medical treatment but also focus on natural treatment and behavioral change.

United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom is another first world country with top-notch drug rehabilitation centers.

The United Kingdom has understood the significance of individual awareness, treatment, and aftercare during its struggle against drugs problems.

Its rehab centers utilize many rehabilitation therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and self-assertion therapy. All these therapies help the addicts to identify their behavioral and psychological issues and help them to resolve them.


Thailand is an exotic country, and its rehab centers are also located at some of the best locations in the country. This is what makes it one of the best countries for drug rehabilitation.

The main focus of Thai rehab centers is not only to detox drug addicts but also to improve their mental health. Besides various therapies, its rehab centers provide a tranquil environment for the patients to feel stress-free.


It seems difficult to eradicate drug addiction from the society, but it is not impossible. These countries are proof that drug addiction is not an internal problem, but an external.

Government and people should work together to improve the quality of life and society. It will bring change!

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