Top 4 ways to suppress cigarette cravings right away

When you try quitting cigarettes for the first time, it will feel as if every awake moment of your life is filled with just one single thought – to somehow take a drag on a cigarette. However, if you look closely, these cravings will not last for more than 3 to 5 minutes. They will be periodic and will come very strongly, but will decrease and go away with time.

Do you know that gambling addiction can be cured with the help of a nasal spray! Well, that speaks volumes about where new age technologies have brought us today. While the concept and logic behind this spray can also be useful in kicking the cigarette addiction, here are 4 important ways in which you can make some instant progress in this regard.

Take a walk

Sitting idle at one place can get you consumed in your emotions. You should get up and start moving. If possible, step out of your home/office and take a short 5 minute walk. Take deep breaths as you go. An excellent trick you can use here is try breathing with your diaphragm instead of chest. This way you will get more amount of air inside and outside of your lungs, possibly even easing off the craving’s symptoms.

Drink a large glass of water

We don’t realize the extent to which we get dehydrated during the course of a normal day. Whenever that happens, you might start feeling anxious, which in turn might trigger the craving for a smoke. The moment the urge strikes, you should walk up to the kitchen/pantry and drink up a large glass of water. Please note, although you don’t necessarily need to drink 8 glasses of water each day, you should drink enough to stay well-hydrated. By putting in ample amounts of water into your body, you will be able to function normally without any metabolic disturbances that might lead to cravings.

Go on a mental vacation

The moment you’re hit by the urge to smoke, close your eyes and divert your mind to a situation or a place which has a calming effect on you, and can take your mind off the current discomfort you might be feeling. This process is known as guided imagery. Although the best place to practice this stress reduction technique is in a quiet and not-so-bright room, don’t wait to reach such a place to give yourself some comfort. The aim of this technique is to become the master of your emotions rather than letting your emotions master you.

Indulge in a portable hobby

You should find something you can start enjoying at a moment’s notice. Something that can be easily picked up and put down at any given moment. It could be few pages from a book you’ve been reading or a crossword puzzle. For instance, if you have a hobby of knitting, you could carry a simple project around with you, to keep yourself occupied and away from the thought of cigarettes.

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