How to Take Your Nursing Career One Step Further

Being a nurse means constantly adapting to new ways of working and always brushing up on old skills. As nurses, we constantly drive to better ourselves, for our patients and our practice. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, it is predicted that soon nursing practitioners will need more than just a master?s degree to complete their role. If you are looking to further your nursing career it is advised that you gain a degree at a doctoral level to put yourself above the rest and excel. If you were thinking about taking your nursing career one step further, then read on for the benefits and how you can achieve a nurse practitioner doctorate degree.

Why Should I Do a Doctorate Rather than a Master?s?

Many nurse?s complete master?s degrees in their specific role of nursing and although these are great in excelling your career, soon nurses will need more than just a master?s. Training at a doctoral level will give greater insight into the profession and a higher-level degree. If you?re a BSN-credentialed registered nurse then you qualify to do a BSN to DNP online.

What Does A BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice Mean For Me?

Qualifying with a nurse practitioner doctorate degree can open many doors for nurses wishing to progress in their careers. If you?re looking for a better earning potential, new career options or greater autonomy then completing a BSN to DNP online may be just the thing you?ve been looking for. You can download brochures to learn more about the individual courses before you make a decision. Gaining a doctoral gives you the upper hand against those with a master?s as you gain more experience and knowledge.

How Do I Have The Time To Complete A Doctorate?

Being a nurse means being very busy – it comes with the job description. If you add social time and family around this equation you almost have no time for yourself, never mind attending university or lectures. This is where completing a degree online can be extremely handy, and why it is becoming increasingly popular with the working population. Coursework can be completed 100% online, therefore, you can relax with a glass of wine at the end of a shift and put an hour in. The great thing about doing it online is it revolves completely around you and it can be molded to fit into your hectic lifestyle. There are five different areas to choose to focus on depending on your specialty of nursing, including Adult Gerontology and Pediatrics.

Completing a doctoral can put you above the rest if you are looking to excel on your career path whilst earning more money and still being in the career you love. There are many reasons to choose to complete an online doctoral nursing program, with it being handy to access from your laptop you can complete it whilst still working and earning, it has really never been easier.

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