Maintaining your sense of style is a tough ask during pregnancy. Finding comfortable and stylish clothes is quite challenging when your regular clothes no longer fit. When you go shopping and finally find something you like, most the time it doesn?t fit well because of the bump!

Finding something that can last from the start of pregnancy till the end while still holding true to your personal style is almost impossible. The trick then is to break down your pregnancy into three stage and find something suitable for each stage. You can still stay stylish if you know how to dress your baby bump.

First trimester

The first trimester is the first three months of pregnancy. Usually, the hardest and your body is processing the embryo growing inside it. During this period, the bump is barely visible, and although the weight gain has started and the hips are more rounded, it is not too much, and your regular clothes can still fit. ?You can still wear your normal clothes comfortably. It is, however, advisable to start investing in more loose fitting since the slim suits won?t fit for long.

Also depending, how much weight you have gained thus far into the pregnancy, high heels may no longer feel comfortable, and it would be better if you changed to more comfortable shoes.

Second trimester

The second trimester is the fourth to the sixth month. This is when the baby bump is more prominent and when the most weight gain occurs as your body is adjusting to the baby growing inside you. Your appetite is at an all-time high which further drives the weight gain.

This is when your regular clothes no longer, and preparations for the arrival of the baby get into high gear. You start buying baby clothes and other necessary stuff during this trimester and set aside some money for the delivery if your insurance doesn?t cover childbirth.

In the second trimester, you need to change into more loosely fitting maternity clothes. You can be stylish and pregnant. You would however need to buy comfortable clothes which can accommodate your growing belly or else you?ll have to shop for new clothes every few weeks. Dresses are more recommendable but if you opt for pants, no problem, but you?ll need belly bands for pregnancy to hold your pants into position when you can no longer pull up the zip or button it up.

Third trimester

The third trimester is the last and final three months of pregnancy. In this stage, you have the full pregnancy glow which makes you look more shapely and happier. There is, however, some slight discomfort arising from the now almost fully grown baby living inside you and the weight gain.

In this trimester, loose-fitting maternity clothes and flat pairs of shoes are the only things you?ll feel comfortable. This should not, however, dampen your spirit nor your sense of style. There is beautiful maternity with a rich diversity in the designs and colors which will make you elegant even as you prepare to deliver your bundle of joy into the world.


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