How to Have a Smooth First Day with a New Senior Client

As a recent graduate of the masters in nursing online program, you have been taught all the core information you need to succeed in the field and provide patients with the care they need and want. If you’ve decided you want to work with seniors offering assisted living care, then you are in for an extra special and rewarding career experience.

With that said it can be scary and a bit intimidating when you first start. The all-important first day with a brand new senior client can cause a bit of anxiety. Here are some tips you can use as a recent MSN online graduate to ensure the first day goes as smoothly as possible, and that you set a positive tone with your new client.

Start the Day Right

You want to be able to start the day right, and that means getting enough sleep the night before followed by a healthy breakfast in the morning. You want to be fully energized and full of positive energy as you step out of your house in the morning. It’s also a good idea to give yourself a bit more time than you think you’ll need, just so you aren’t rushing around at the last moment. Showing up late on your first day certainly isn’t the best impression to make.

Dress Comfortably

This one probably goes without saying, but as a nurse, your job is incredibly active. You won’t have a lot of time to be sitting around; in fact, most nurses don’t get any downtime. Even if you don’t have to wear a nurses’ uniform, you will still want to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in, breathe, and aren’t clinging to you. Comfortable shoes are also essential.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Another tip is to make sure you’ve got everything you need and that you are prepared to meet with your new client. This means you’ve got their file/chart, any notes that are necessary, nursing equipment, etc.

Meet with Your New Client

The first meeting is a very important one so it’s okay to feel a bit anxious. In this situation, it’s important to remind yourself to just relax and rely on all the skills you’ve learned through your master’s program. You are prepared for this, so now it’s a matter of making that connection with your client and making them feel at ease. You need them to trust that you will care for them and that you know what you are doing.

You may find your new client enjoys talking, or perhaps they are more of the quiet type. Try to read their personality the best you can so you can communicate with them in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

Show Plenty of Patience

And as you would expect there will be plenty of ups and downs, not only on the first day but over the first few weeks/months. It’s important to show lots of patience for your clients and yourself during this time.

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