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It’s after 10:00 pm and this single mother of 4 rambunctious children is finally winding down to relax. The stress of her day began at 6:00 am – waking up her children, preparing breakfast & lunch, and getting them off to school.  By 9:00 am, she’s in the office, ready to take on the demands of a high powered lawyer at a prestigious law firm.  Her children are on the bus and back home from school by 4:30 pm, greeted by a babysitter who does homework with them, gives them a snack here and there and lets them watch a little television to calm them down before mom gets home.  As soon as mom walks in the door, 4 excited children bombard her with the events of the day.  Each one with their unique story of how this one called me a name and that one pushed me in the playground one of which has a low grade fever and a sore throat – she’s praying it’s not strep.  While all her munchkins stir up energy around her, she’s throwing together the dinner she prepared and froze during the weekend.  As the night progresses, she bathes the children and one by one puts them to sleep.  Sure enough, the son with the fever starts vomiting, his fever spikes to over 103 F and she panics.  “I’ve got to be in court tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.  Who’s going to stay with him?”  By 10:00 pm after everyone’s in bed, dishes are done and the laundry is folded and she collapses on the sofa with palpitations and tightness in her chest, wine in her hand and tears rolling down her cheeks.  It’s midnight when she falls asleep and then 6:00 am again.  Time to wake up, get dressed and do it all over again.

The pressures of a single mom with a career are overwhelming and wearing her down but this mother has no choice but keep moving forward.  It’s a matter of survival.  Who will pay the bills?  Who will take care of the children?  There is no one to rely on.  Her ex-husband of 11 years left with no return address and her parents passed away a few years ago.  Yes, She does everything to perfection but there just isn’t enough time in the day and resources to make it all run smooth.  A visit to the family doctor reveals her blood pressure is high; he suggests she see a psychologist to deal with stress and of course prescribes blood pressure medicine.

Sound familiar?  This story is the reality of many single mothers in the 21st century.

Conventional medicine may manage her high blood pressure but it will ignore the underlying symptoms.  Her medical doctor may suggest psychotherapy to address her life’s stresses but it takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to really relieve this woman of all her symptoms.  Homeopathic treatment evaluates all psychological and physical symptoms.

In this story, the homeopath would search these key symptoms in order to select remedies that can potentially ease the intensity of the psychological symptoms and ultimately heal the physical ones.

  • Grief from loss of a loved one
  • Forsaken, abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Perfectionism
  • Anxiety from failure
  • Responsibilities toward family
  • Anxiety / Depression / Stress
  • Fatigue / Collapse
  • High blood pressure / Hypertension
  • Crying / Weeping in private

The homeopath would then narrow the remedy selection to a few and select one that’s most appropriate.  Here’s a list of remedies the homeopath may consider:

Natrum muriatricum – when grieving silently, feels betrayed or disappointed by a loved one especially in man-woman relationships. Typically does not cry but rather grieves within, although some cry hysterically albeit alone.  They feel not good enough as a result of their rejection and very private people.  Desire for salt, hot body temperature & very thirsty.

Ignatia – grief from the death of a loved one – disappointment in love relationships.  A perfectionist who is seemingly confident but suffers from low self-esteem.  They feel trapped in their situation, are embarrassed by it and have a need to control their world. They cry easily and seek the company of other.  They may have eating disorders, alternating moods, craving or aversion to fruits, and be artistic.

Nux vomica –  ambitious, works very hard and will leave no stone unturn to get a job done.  They are impatient, irritable, and dictatorial.  They suffer silently from grief, jealousy, insult, mortification and disappointment in love. They may be an alcoholic, desire for fats & meat, suffer from sleep disorders and digestive ailments.

Pulsatilla – typically a woman who uses feminine charm to manipulate her world.  She feels abandoned and forsaken. Her survival depends on being soft, gentle and submissive.  She is emotionally stuck in adolescence – dependent, and craving attention and consolation.  She desires open fresh air,  suffers from menstrual problems, fear of men, reoccurring colds, coughs, and sinus infections.

Platina – usually a high powered egotistical woman who believes herself to be noble and superior to others.  She can be arrogant, haughty, ambitious, and domineering,  is highly sexual and uses her sexuality to manipulate – especially men. Although the Queen, she feels small, humiliated, disgraced and alone.  She may suffer from constipation, spasms, numbness, mood swings and rheumatism.

Sepia – typically a working mother juggling career and family and forced into situations against her will.  Her inner feeling is that she’s not good enough.  She may be highly dependent or independent but either way she feels dominated and not allowed to have her way.   She may suffer from hormonal & uterine disorders, constipation, low labido and varicose veins.

What remedy would you select? And why would you select it?  Any one of them could work. A deeper inquiry into her life will guide the homeopath to select the most similar and unique (i.e. homeopathic) remedy.  With the remedy with the most similar symptoms, her feelings of stress, grief, abandonment, rejection, failure and so on will subtly and gradually ease up allowing her body to heal from the fatigue and hypertension.  Yes this mother will still work hard and take care of her rambunctious children, but a healthy inner spirit will support the challenges of her unique life.

The homeopathic healing process can be quick but don’t count on it.  Healing is a process and takes time.  And to ensure it continues toward cure,  be in touch with the homeopath and follow up as scheduled.

Note: the homeopath treating the mother can easily prescribe another homeopathic remedy for the son’s fever, vomiting and sore throat – perhaps avoiding a day off from school and work.

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