Recovery Is More than Detox: How Sobriety Can Make You Stronger Than Before

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No one who ever found themselves researching addiction treatment centers, and entered a program to get clean and sober will tell you that detox was easy. Withdrawal symptoms, in the recovery treatment center, may feel unbearable at times. But, for those who successfully navigated their way from day one to sobriety, will tell you that recovery is about more than detox. Most will probably tell you that the experience made them stronger than they ever imagined possible.

A key mission for heroin addiction treatment centers is helping clients achieve permanent freedom from bondage. The experience is empowering in so many ways. Freedom makes a person feel like that can handle anything the world throws at them, and most can.

Success stories often highlight what it means to gain strength through sobriety.

Stronger Together

Marriage may crumble under the weight of a partner’s addiction. Couples who realize that drug abuse is a shared experience often find their marriage is stronger after the storm. One spouse said, “There is no way to draw a line in the sand and say this is his problem. It doesn’t affect me.” Addiction affects everyone in a user’s inner circle, spouse, parents, children, friends. Spouses who seek counseling often find an outlet for grief, anger, disappointment and other emotions that have buried. ?Addiction treatment centers usually encourage family members to participate in counseling sessions or make referrals to outside support groups. As each partner gets healthier individually, they each become healthier together. Sobriety helps heal the relationship and shape the future.

Recovery in heroin addiction recovery centers hinges on accepting the fact you cannot control others, you can only control your own actions. This realization is life changing, for single and married addiction survivors.

Recovery & Nutritional Support

It is no secret that drug use can have a devastating impact on the body. ?One study found “Nutrition education is an essential component of substance abuse treatment programs and can enhance substance abuse treatment outcomes.” Many drug users don’t eat well enough to prevent macro- and micronutrient deficiencies. Diets rich in these essential nutrients boost energy and lower anxiety. Addiction treatment centers work closely with clients to ensure they understand the importance of eating healthy meals and staying hydrated. Along with behavior therapy and mindfulness training, nutritional support is critical during recovery and beyond.

E is For Exercise

While exercise addiction isn’t officially listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, researchers have been studying people who “exercise obsessively” for a couple of decades. Research indicates that exercise addiction overlaps with other disorders, including substance abuse, about 25% of the time. Heroin addiction recovery centers that extoll the virtues of moderation, even in exercise, help prepare clients for a stronger, healthier future.

A review of the exercise effect listed potential benefits of adding exercise as a disease management tool. ?The many curative and intervention possibilities that have shown promise include:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Depression treatment
  • Blood sugar control
  • Mood elevator
  • Weight loss tool

Healthy exercise routines are a normal inclusion for addiction treatment centers. The key getting to the most benefit from exercise during recovery may be combining workouts or other activities with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to ensure the client focuses on gaining strength, not finding a substitute drug for the habit he is shedding.

Detox is important, but not the most important part of a well-balanced recovery treatment center plan. By incorporating evidence-based therapy, nutrition education and support, exercise and ample time for introspection and soul-searching, sobriety can make you stronger than you were before seeking help

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