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Jarrow Formulas Probiotic+ Gummies

Jarrow Formulas, the #1 probiotic brand for customer satisfaction,† announced the launch of its new, innovative product line, Probiotic+ Gummies. The line features three premium, highly efficacious probiotic gummy formulas scientifically-supported to aid digestive, immune and gut health.

The new Probiotic+ Gummies come at an ideal time when gut and immune health are top-of-mind. After a stressful year, a nationwide survey by Jarrow found that one in four people are prioritizing their gut and immune health in the new year. Of the respondents who reported feeling more stressed in 2021, more than half shared they are taking preventative measures to support their gut health, and one out of five respondents stated keeping their immune health in check as part of their wellness resolution for 2022.

“Jarrow Formulas is a brand rooted in science and recognized as being a pioneer in probiotics and digestive health since it developed the first multistrain probiotic in the Natural Channel more than 35 years ago,” said Hanan Wajih, Chief Marketing Officer of Jarrow Formulas. “Science is at the cornerstone of Jarrow and it is what propels the brand’s continued innovation in the natural supplement category. The introduction of Probiotic+ Gummies marks a pivotal milestone as Jarrow’s first probiotic available in a highly-efficacious gummy form.”

Jarrow’s Probiotic+ Gummies are formulated with two clinically-studied probiotic strains known to effectively alleviate stomach distress, aid in digestion and nutrient absorption, improve gut barrier, and support immune response. These probiotic strains are resistant to gastric acid, which allow them to deliver effective regulation directly within the gut.

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The highly-efficacious Probiotic+ Gummies line comes in three delicious varieties: Probiotic Duo, Probiotic+ Prebiotic, and Probiotic+ Immune. Each product is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly and contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives targeted to support Immune and Gut Health.

  • Probiotic+ Immune Gummies – promotes a healthy digestive system and keeps the immune system strong, day in and day out.*
    Features two clinically-studied probiotic strains and contains 2 billion live cells combined with Vitamins C & D and Zinc for dual action — digestive and immune — health support.* 

  • Probiotic Duo Gummies – promotes digestive and immune health*
    Features two clinically-studied probiotic strains and contains 3 billion live cells that naturally work with the body to support a healthy digestive system.* 

  • Probiotic+ Prebiotic Gummies – supports digestion, strengthens the immune system and fuels healthy gut bacteria.*
    Features two clinically-studied probiotic strains and contains 2 billion live cells combined with a prebiotic to aid digestion and support the immune system and balance the gut.*

Jarrow Formulas Probiotic+ Gummies are available now at Amazon,, and select Sprouts locations nationwide, MSRP $19.99 each (60 ct).

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