Revolutionary Topical Pain Reliever


Proflexa is a groundbreaking solution to daily aches and pains. The formula was developed by the creative minds at the innovative health brand Sinoveda as a superior way to relieve pain quickly, boost blood flow, and lead to long-term healing.

Proflexa was recently featured prominently in the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bag at the Oscars®. The Hollywood-sized swag bag was gifted to select nominees and was packed with top-shelf cosmetics, food items, and other paraphernalia. Despite the wide assortment of goods, Proflexa stood out from the crowd as one of the few items that looked past the superficial and focused on genuine self-care.

“We were so excited to have Proflexa featured in the ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bag,” says Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman, co-founder of the company, “We take great pride in our Proflexa formula and its ability to provide safe, fast-acting pain relief. But it isn’t a product reserved for the Hollywood elite. We want everyone to have this groundbreaking formula as a way to heal their aches and pains.”

It’s this dual focus on efficacy and applicability that makes Proflexa such a momentous development in the health world. The formula is a revolutionary take on topical pain relief that uses Sinoveda’s proprietary PPT® technology to bring the wisdom and precision of Eastern and Western medicine together. The cream is scientifically derived using seven ancient Chinese botanical ingredients, all of which have been studied and standardized for consistent, effective pain relief.

“Proflexa isn’t just for movie stars,” Dr. Nuzhat reiterates, “It’s a safe solution for young mothers with sore arms after days spent holding a baby. Golfers, hikers, bikers, and skiers use it to address acute pains acquired while indulging in their hobbies. Yoga instructors and massage therapists utilize it in their practices — on themselves and their patients. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a movie set or in your home, at work or having fun. Proflexa is an affordable and effective topical pain reliever for everyone.”

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