Premium & All Natural Fulvic Acid Capsules


Live Earth LM-32 Fulvic Acid capsules uses the highest quality, purified Fulvic Acid extract. LM-32 contains Fulvic acid and more than 72 trace minerals. This Fulvic mineral blend offers numerous health benefits.

These products are non GMO, safe for vegetarians and vegans. Free of additives or fillers, the supplements are safe for regular consumption. Take 1-2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Regular use of LM-32 may help with healthy aging, overall health and vitality.

Regular use of LM-32 fulvic powder is thought to neutralize and detox the body effectively. Better yet, people taking fulvic acid supplements have reported a natural energy boost, greater vitality and immune boosting benefits! The already measured fulvic capsules make it easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

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