Pain Management in Extreme Weather

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The summer, often synonymous with heat waves and humidity, can take a toll on anyone. However, for pain sufferers, especially those people dealing with arthritis and other conditions, heat can make the it worse. One way to quickly alleviate pain is through the skin using pain relief cream. Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi Jr., a leading physician, developed Instaflex Pain Relief Cream with Healthy Directions, which he says can be mixed with sunscreen as an efficient way to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays this summer.

Hot weather by itself can cause dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, and muscle cramps, even in people who do not normally have muscle pains. The science behind how extreme weather changes can affect a person’s pain levels is not completely clear. However, medical literature does report how heat can trigger painful symptoms, and documents that physicians have treated patients who suffer more painful symptoms in hot weather. Pergolizzi says further study is needed to provide insight into how extreme heat affects it, but in the meantime, there are several strategies available to minimize painful symptoms brought on by the heat.

“Both this cream and sunscreen will help protect you from painful muscle spasms, which can occur even if you have never had them before, especially if the body gets too warm and can’t cool itself fast enough,” said Pergolizzi. “An effective relief cream can work quicker than oral medications, usually in a few minutes, and you are able to target the pain relief better by putting the cream exactly where you are feeling it.”

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Pergolizzi says another advantage of using a topical cream is that you can apply the cream more frequently than you can take an oral pain relief medication, where you would have to wait 6 to 8 hours between doses. Pills also take longer to absorb in the body versus putting the pain relief cream, such as his Instaflex product by Healthy Directions, directly on the affected joints or muscles, providing a first-line, instant pain defense for the body.

The Instaflex formula combines essential oxygenated oil with menthol to provide fast, targeted relief. Because it uses specially designed oils, less menthol is used, making the product less harsh, but just as effective for pain.

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