New Bio-Active Curcumin Lemonade

Golden Tiger Lemonade is entirely different and​ gives you the power of Curcumin now! It​ uses a proprietary chemistry to heat Curcumin to a specific temperature for maximum effectiveness. Curcumin reaches potency only when it is heated during the preparation process. The curcumin ​then ​retains these properties after it’s been cooled because it has been transformed. Many food manufacturers avoid this step, thus negating the positive benefits of curcumin and the body can’t absorb it​!

We know that curcumin is the medicinal beast inside Turmeric that holds an abundance of health benefits​, especially potent anti-inflammatory properties​, ​however​ few supplements on the market offer the bioavailability of Curcumin which makes it beneficial to you. The vast majority of Turmeric supplements​ are basically seasoning and they​ fall short because the Curcumin is not heated prior to manufacturing.​ You will only see benefits from taking it over a very long period of time. ​

Crafted-in-California and formulated by a PHD in food science from Stanford University, ​Golden Tiger Lemonade​ is loaded with premium superfoods for maximum health benefits and plant-based energy​. Golden Tiger was developed in accordance with Ayurvedic principles​ and standards and its founder is a proud Indian-American.

Visit Golden Tiger Life to learn more.

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