Immunity powered by mushroom

immunity support shots

So Good So You has four new organic, plant-based shots (SRP $3.99/1.7oz) that are cold-pressed (AKA pasteurized without losing nutrients) and packed with 1 billion+ probiotics. Each is tailored to support a specific function of the day, from Immunity, to Sleep and Energy. The new shots include:

  • Immunity powered by mushroom: Adding to SGSY’s best selling line of immunity shots, they launched a Blueberry Clementine flavor infusing the goodness of Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms and delivering 100 percent of an adult’s recommended daily value of Vitamin D3.
  • Fiber: Helps keep things “regular” in a delicious way with a plum and strawberry flavor combo. With 95% of American adults and kids not getting their recommended daily intake, a yummy shot-sized portion could help save the day.
  • Happy: Available nationwide in January, this little shooter features ashwagandha and saffron, and provides 100 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin D3 (much needed during the darkest months of the year).
  • Passionfruit Energy: A new Energy shot flavor is soon to hit store shelves, including the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, without the dreaded crash. The shot gives consumers a much-needed boost from 95mg of organic coffeeberry.

Check out the website to learn more.

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