Healthful, Innovative Teas for 2023


“The Republic of Tea is excited to present a fantastic assortment of our latest blends and collections at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show,” said Kristina Tucker, Minister of Enlightenment and Commerce at The Republic of Tea. “The company’s commitment to wellness and innovation is evident in our new organic immunity Single Sip flavors, as well as our Tea Capsules, and SuperGreen Digestion which aids in gut health.”

Single Sips® – The latest additions to The Republic of Tea’s Single Sips® collection – a line of premium organic teas and herbs that are conveniently pre-measured in single-serving packets. Single Sips® can be enjoyed by shaking up the contents in a water bottle, stirring into hot water, or mixing into a smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal for the perfect pick-me-up:

– Immunity Elderberry Punch Single Sips® contain the flavors of ripe berries and sweet-tart hibiscus. These superfoods have been used for centuries to support immunity and they provide an excellent source of vitamin C.

– Immunity Nectarine Honey Orangeade Single Sips® protect your body with the delicious flavors of juicy oranges and sweet nectarines. The hydrating blend of organic superfoods provides an excellent source of vitamin C and includes a touch of turmeric and ginger for added immunity.

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