Groundbreaking Post-Workout Recovery Supplement

Shifted Supplements
Shifted Supplements

Shifted, LLC makers of the popular, scientifically based SHIFTED pre-workout supplements, has announced its latest innovation: SHIFTED Recovery.

SHIFTED RECOVERY helps maximize your results through methods proven by science. The formula works by boosting your muscle recovery using free form Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) for rapid delivery of essential amino acids to the bloodstream. This allows your muscles to begin repairing faster and more effectively.

But we don’t stop with free form EAAs. SHIFTED RECOVERY also includes clear Whey Protein Isolate to help accelerated muscle repair and maximize the body’s ability to recover from your most grueling workouts.

Recent studies have shown that high doses of EAAs (such as those found in free form EAAs and whey protein isolate) are required to drive the muscle-building process. SHIFTED Recovery assures an adequate delivery of amino acids to recover maximally.

SHIFTED also included tart cherry powder in its Recovery product which has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and improve performance recovery.

SHIFTED Recovery comes in a deliciously refreshing flavor called Tropical Berry that is reminiscent of mango. Unlike most protein heavy post-workout drinks, SHIFTED Recovery is easy to drink and easy on the stomach.

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