Essiac releases new product: ESSIAC Gold™

ESSIAC Gold™ consists of four whole plant™ ingredients: burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and Indian rhubarb, as well as AHCC®. AHCC possesses commanding immune-modulating properties that have been shown through 30 human clinical trials to stimulate the production of white blood cells that are crucial for the immune system.

“ESSIAC Gold is the most concentrated Essiac formula to date, intended for those battling acute illness and requiring powerful immune support. Although, it can be used daily by anyone looking to enhance their wellness,” said Essiac From Canada International Co-Founder, Lucille Perreault, PhD. “ESSIAC Gold supports one’s white blood cell count and natural T-killer cells.”

Its product line stays true to the formulation first introduced in 1922 by Canadian Nurse, Rene Caisse, inspired by Ontario’s Ojibwa nation’s traditional herbal remedies. Her goal was to honor Indigenous wisdom, and provide a solution that allows people to restore life and legacy, ultimately creating a world in which we can all thrive, overcome barriers, and triumph. Essiac is renowned for its ability to enhance the immune system.

ESSIAC® is available online at Amazon and through hundreds of natural products retailers nationwide.

Essiac From Canada International™ is owned by Larry Poirier and Dr. Lucille Perreault. Its mission is to help people thrive, restoring their power to heal themselves, and supporting them in their desire to overcome obstacles and live out their own legacy.

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