Dental hygiene: Tooth Gel with Nano Silver

Good dental hygiene is a lifelong commitment that takes dedication and diligence when it comes to your everyday habits. It’s important to take any steps you can to take care of your mouth and prevent problems such as bad breath, cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. These issues could lead to more serious problems for your health later on, like an increased risk of heart disease and further complications when dealing with diabetes and oral cancer. This requires getting the right dental care products and adherence to the continuation of your oral care.

What Makes this Nano Silver Tooth Gel Unique

Compared to traditional toothpaste, our dentist formulated teeth whitening gel is less abrasive making it perfect for sensitive teeth. With 5-in-1 active ingredients, it effectively works its way around your teeth and gums without harming your natural enamel coating and good oral bacteria. Each key ingredient is safe, natural and vegan-friendly. Specifically designed for your teeth, this gel toothpaste used by dentists is a must-have for all households and is a great alternative to natural toothpaste.

Comes in Winter Mint, Peppermint, Honey Sweet, and Cinnamon Clove flavors. For oral care that cares for both you and the environment, choose only the best and check out our other similar oral care products!

Visit Elementa, Revolutionary Oral Care to learn more.


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