Changing the Way We Combat Everyday Pain

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Natural Pain Reliever “Rhelief” Changing the Way We Combat Everyday Pain Management

The time has come to ditch those over-the-counter pain relievers for a more natural solution. Rhelief, an innovative business changing the way we combat pain management, has developed the world’s first natural pain relief quick action powder that is easy, convenient and safe for daily use. Each quarter ounce dose of this doctor formulated supplement can help users experience pain relief within minutes, with results that last for hours. Developed by Dr. Andrew Konen and Dr. Brian Flanagan, two of Dallas’ top pain management physicians, Rhelief was inspired by the idea of providing everyone a life without pain limitations through doctor formulated and scientifically backed natural pain solutions.

Rhelief® is a single-dose 0.24 oz stick of quick acting powder pain relief that relies on scientifically validated ingredients to decrease pain and relieve pain caused by inflammation.

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