Biotrue® Hydration Boost Lubricant Eye Drops

Biotrue Hydration Boost is a uniquely-formulated preservative free eye drop that provides instant moisture and
relief for irritated, dry eyes. In today’s digital world, eyes often feel dry and irritated, almost like sandpaper. This
special formulation is inspired by the biology of the eye. It is formulated with naturally inspired ingredients and it is pH balanced to match healthy tears, to help the drop feel comfortable when applied.

  • The naturally-inspired ingredients include:
  • Hyaluronan, a moisturizer found naturally in tears
  • An Electrolyte, a component of natural, healthy tears
  • An Antioxidant to protect hyaluronan against free radicals

Daily eye discomfort is a part of our everyday life, caused by digital device exposure and environmental factors like dry climates, wind and smoke. Unfortunately, the incidence of dry eyes is increasing given the prevalence of digital screens. But Biotrue Hydration Boost helps eyes to feel hydrated throughout the day. And unlike eye drops that contain preservatives, Biotrue Hydration Boost is contact lens friendly*, so no need to remove contacts before applying.

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