Radiant Mood: Address Feelings of Burnout

pure synergy
pure synergy

RADIANT MOOD™ is a pioneering mood-supporting supplement made exclusively from science-backed, standardized botanical extracts for both mood and sleep support.

According to the American Psychological Association in 2022, 76% of adults reported experiencing at least one stress-related symptom that impacted their daily productivity, motivation, or sense of well-being.1

Burnout – a general feeling of physical, mental, and emotional depletion caused by recurring daily stress – has become a buzzword in society and is common among adults today. While there are lifestyle shifts that can help alleviate symptoms of burnout, due to their belief in the restorative power of nature, The Synergy Company saw an opportunity to create a more accessible solution to help people address this kind of emotional and physical wear using standardized botanical extracts.†

“So many people could use extra assistance in nurturing a positive mood, balancing emotional and mental well-being, and supporting restorative sleep,” says The Synergy Company’s Director of R&D and a Naturopathic Doctor, Chanté Wiegand. “Over multiple years, our team researched and developed this carefully selected blend of natural botanicals that effectively help manage everyday stress and feelings of burnout.”

Radiant Mood is the company’s newest innovation in the organic supplement space and expands its already robust product line, Pure Synergy®.

Recent scientific literature suggests that the certified organic and wild-harvested botanicals in Radiant Mood – saffron, gardenia fruit, rose flower, lavender, lemon balm, and magnolia bark –can help uplift mood, soothe restless thoughts, and support more restful sleep. The biologically active compounds of each ingredient are standardized to research-backed quantities.

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“Incorporating these plants and herbs into everyday meals can be difficult, if not impossible,” adds Wiegand. “And so far, our customers love the results. Within the first three months of its release, Radiant Mood became one of Synergy’s most popular products. Clearly, people are seeking out natural remedies to support mental and emotional well-being, and we’re proud to be their ally in that journey.”

The Synergy Company’s line of over 40 award-winning, all-natural supplements are available for purchase on www.thesynergycompany.com as well as select stores, through trusted healthcare practitioners, and various e-retailers.

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