A Clean And Green Oral Care Routine

Remember when sticking to a strictly clean and environmentally sustainable self-care routine meant forgoing quality and efficacy? The green beauty arena, especially in oral care, was seriously lacking. Fortunately, there is an eco-conscious way to keep your pearly whites shining while reducing the plastic lining of your medicine cabinet thanks to Doctor Plotka’s thoughtfully developed, new 100% Natural Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpaste.

Most people would be surprised to learn that their daily dental routine produces a startling amount of waste. See below to learn more about how Doctor Plotka’s whitening toothpaste is stepping (with large strides) into a sustainable future from the inside out

  • WHITENS: Silica and Hydroxyapatite re-mineralizes teeth which lowers the risk of erosion and restores your teeth to their natural whiteness.
  • CLEANS: Organic Propolis, a natural honeybee product known for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, reduces the risk of cavities, gum sensitivity and plaque build-up.
  • SOOTHES: Mineral-rich Thermal Spring Water, sourced from France, is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits which can soothe irritation.
  • FRESHENS BREATH: Organic mint gives your mouth and breath long-lasting freshness.
  • GOOD FOR YOU & THE EARTH: 100% of ingredients sourced from natural origins. This tube is fully recyclable and made with 44% post-consumer recycled materials.

You can find Doctor Plotka’s toothpaste at Sprouts Farmers Market, Wholefoods Market, or online at www.mouthwatchers.com

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