The Most Popular Alternative Medicines in America

When we fall ill, it?s hardly a secret that most of us tend to pick up the phone and call our doctor at the first available opportunity. The chance of being handed a medication that may very well cure us of the rotten illnesses wreaking havoc in our bodies is just too tempting ? but what if we told you there was an alternative? Alternative medicines are gaining traction within the USA, and can?t be ignored. But what are alternative medicines? Could they really help you? If you?re planning on visiting the USA anytime soon, this post could be for you. So sit back, take a look at your ESTA application at, and take a read of the most popular alternative medicines you could come across in the states!

What is Alternative Medicine?

First of all, we should probably define just what alternative medicine is. Alternative medicines and therapies are any treatment method not typically offered by standard western medical practices, though it?s difficult to come to a set definition. The industry is so vast that trying to put a general definition on the wide range of therapies can be difficult, if not impossible. But what alternative medicines are there?


You?ve probably heard of acupuncture, and while this is still a popular procedure in the US, we?ve decided to focus on acupressure. Acupressure refers to the action of practitioners using their hands, elbows or even feet to apply pressure to your body. They?ll apply pressure to specific points, not unlike acupuncture, but there are no needles involved. The theory behind acupressure suggests that acupressure can remove or relieve blockages in your meridians, which are channels that carry life energy through your body. Research still needs to be done, but positive results have already been found.


Aromatherapy is something you?re likely to have heard of in some way. Whether it?s the mention of ?smelling salts? in every movie where a woman faints, or you know the many uses of essential oils, aromatherapy won?t be an alien term. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote healing and can be ?administered? either through inhaling, or by massaging into the skin. This particular alternative medicine has been tought to treat inflammations and infections, promote relaxation, and studies have suggested that it can even reduce pain, anxiety and depression, though more research needs to be done!


Biofeedback gives you back control over your body, at least for a short time. Biofeedback is a technique used to allow people control over their usually involuntary bodily processes ? whether that?s heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature or more. This can help improve headaches, high blood pressure, chronic pain and more, but just like the two options above, plenty of research needs to be done to understand how it all works ? though currently, studies suggest that relaxation plays a huge part.


Homeopathy is a little like a vaccine in that it?s the process of treating symptoms with the thing that caused the symptoms in the first place. Homeopaths will gather background information on their patient, before prescribing them a diluted substance that comes in liquid or tablet form. This will jumpstart the body?s healing process though, once again, more research ideally needs to be conducted. While this might seem like the more dangerous of all the options, this concept is being used in conventional medicines too!

Alternative medicines can be a great way to get the help you need without turning to conventional medicines and healthcare. If any of the processes we?ve mentioned above sound good, it?s worth looking deeper into the world of alternative medicines ? you never know what procedures you could find.

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