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Lush, beautiful lips can dramatically improve your appearance. As you age, your lips naturally decrease in volume and begin to wrinkle around the edges. Bring your mouth back to life with a safe, all-natural rejuvenation. If you’re looking for an exemplary Chicago lip augmentation clinic, come discover the best results the Second City has to offer.

Is Lip Augmentation Right For Me?

You’ve probably been admiring that perfect pout on your favorite beauty influencer’s Instagram account, or maybe you’re wondering how your co-worker always has a full, beautiful smile. There are many reasons that people receive lip augmentation treatment, and it isn’t just to take a perfect selfie.

Lip augmentation done by a medical professional can treat a host of different problems with your lips. A Candela Profound aesthetic treatment can add volume around your mouth and cheeks, improving the appearance and functionality to both women and men with volume-depleted lips. Upper lip wrinkles, whether from smoking, stress, or general aging, are smoothed and filled gently, without an unnatural look.

This procedure works for adults of any skin type and skin color, allowing them to regain the full volume of their lips – or maybe just a touch more. If you seek natural, semi-permanent volume for your mouth, you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure.

The Exclusive LipAug MD Treatment

There are a lot of options for fuller lips, and not all lip fillers are created equally. In fact, choosing the wrong chemical or silicone filler can give you an unnatural, distended look, or result in your lips deflating rapidly. In fact, some injections can cause severe allergic reactions, permanently disfiguring your face and making eating and speech difficult.

If you’re considering having your lips enhanced, opt for a lip augmentation done in a professional setting, perfectly crafted for your face. A safe procedure by a licensed cosmetic surgeon is the only route to go when you desire a rich, full smile that’s personally balanced for your face, giving you a youthful, natural look without the “duck lips” that cut-rate injections deliver.

How Does the Process Work?

The Candela Profound aesthetic treatment is intended to be a clinical procedure done the same day. A small nerve block is administered to ensure a pain-free experience for our patients. Dr. Mick Singh evaluates your facial structure and the look you desire, then carefully uses a combination of medical-grade quality Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and your own body fat to gently add volume to your lips.

The procedure corrects the asymmetry of the lips and increases their size to a luscious pout without over-filling. Careful filling along the vermillion borders of the lips reduces the fine wrinkles and perioral lines around the outside of the mouth. The lips are given a slight lift so that they don’t shrink when you smile. After about an hour, the local anesthetic wears off and you’ll be ready to grin away by the next day.

Are There Side Effects?

Because this procedure is completed in a professional medical clinic using natural materials, side effects are minimal. Most people can expect to have minor swelling and redness, and some may have slight bruising around the mouth. These visible effects should fade with 24-48 hours after the treatment. You should be able to resume your regular routine after a day.

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