What Makes Coolsculpting so Popular? 

If you have heard of fat freezing, then chances are you have also heard of Coolsculpting, one of the many cosmetic treatments out there that use the fat freezing technique to, well, freeze fat. Why would you do that? To sculpt and contour the body into the perfect shape that you have only dreamed about.

This treatment is a very popular one, with numerous cosmetic centers across the country performing it to thousands of patients. It’s easy to see how much of a difference was made by Skinly Aesthetics clinics serving a perfect example of this treatment’s impact on the overall industry and on the way we look at fat reduction as a whole.

We specify New York City as that is where some of the busiest cosmetic centers and practitioners are working out, including Dr. Schwarzburg and the Skinly Aesthetics. With a huge list of patients who were satisfied with their Coolsculpting treatment, there was no better source for information on what makes Coolsculpting so popular. Here are a few reasons to serve as an example.

1. No Pain, But Plenty of Gain

They say the best things in life come with a price. Well other than the price of the treatment itself, there is not much else you have to pay for with Coolsculpting. We say this as there are cosmetic treatments out there that cause lots of pain and discomfort to the patients during and even after the procedure is finished.

This is to be expected in many cases considering how complex cosmetic procedures can get. But this is simply not the case with Coolsculpting. Unlike other fat reduction treatments, which cut or burn the fat out of the body, Coolsculpting goes for a more indirect, yet simultaneously painless route.

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Using special fat freezing equipment, which are metal pads placed on the designated areas of the body, the skin is exposed to cold temperatures. These temperatures go down to -11 degrees Celsius which is 12 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is undoubtedly cold, it is not unbearable. In fact, the only discomfort most patients report feeling is during the first 10 minutes before their skin has had the chance to adapt to the cold and go numb. Once the time passes and the skin goes numb, you won’t feel a thing throughout the rest of the treatment, effectively making Coolsculpting a painless procedure.

2. Quick Procedure, Friendly Atmosphere

Not many people think of a friendly atmosphere when they enter an operating room. Sure, modern clinics are designed with comfort and serenity in mind to keep the patients as relaxed as possible. But when you consider that you’re about to be injected into the face, no amount of muted colors or natural lighting can calm you down.

But with the Coolsculpting procedure being so short and painless, patients are free to relax as the cryolipolysis equipment works its magic. Depending on which area of the body you’re treating you will be asked to stay in a certain position for 40 to 50 minutes. For example, if you are treating the stomach area and have the Coolsculpting applicator placed on that area, you can sit back and enjoy yourself. Talk to the friendly staff, maybe watch TV, or even read a book. As long as you’re staying still, there are no problems.

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And before you know it, the 40 to 50 minutes are up and you’re free to leave the clinic until the next session. As with many other cosmetic treatments, several sessions of Coolsculpting are required for the final results. But considering how quick and absolutely painless they are, this is hardly anything to be worried about.

3. The Amazing Results

Speaking of results: Coolsculpting is a cosmetic treatment that is able to sculpt the body, chiseling away any excess pockets of fat that have built up over the years. With how things are going nowadays, with many parts of the world between lockdowns, it is completely natural to have built up a bit of fat over the months as you had to stay at home.

Coolsculpting successfully gets rid of the excess fat without having to physically harm any of the cells themselves. Thanks to fat freezing, the fat cells are stimulated into apoptosis, or what is referred to as “cell suicide”. Thanks to the freezing, the cells become damaged to the point that they are no longer seen as fully functioning and the body has to rinse them out through natural means.

What else is amazing about the results is that they can be permanent, given that certain criteria are met. After the treatment is over, there is nothing else expected from you. You do not have any more responsibilities once the Coolsculpting treatment is over and there is nothing much else for you to do other than take better care of yourself.

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If you want the results to last as long as possible, taking care of your lifestyle and living as healthy as possible is crucial. While Coolsculpting can get rid of existing fat cells and sculpt that area of the body, it does not prevent new fat cells from forming or accumulating. This responsibility is on you. As long as you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay physically active, and consume exactly what your body needs, the fat that was removed by Coolsculpting will never return.

So, in a way, as long as you can keep to a regimen and get rid of any and all unhealthy habits, the results of Coolsculpting can be permanent. In this case, Coolsculpting favors determination and patience. The results will not show themselves immediately and you shouldn’t expect to see major changes overnight. But given enough time, Coolsculpting will work its magic and you will notice the difference.

Just look through some patients’ before and after photos if you need some additional convincing. But once you see what Coolsculpting is capable of, convincing won’t be necessary whatsoever.

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