Plastic Surgery Versus Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Which Is Better?

It’s not uncommon for people to want to look good. Some people say that the outside is not as important as what is on the inside but any sane person would want to be seen as visually-pleasing by other people. It doesn’t make you vain or overly self-conscious; it makes you human. Gussying up to look pretty is just as natural as wanting to take a bath when you’re feeling sweaty or wanting to take off your bra after a long day. Looking aesthetically pleasing helps people feel good and that’s a positive thing. You can read more about it here.

Fortunately, people aren’t making a big deal of physical enhancements in recent years. In fact, many countries are quite positive about the idea of self-improvement. Activities for self-improvement may range from exercising to lose excess fat to modifying facial features through surgical procedures. For some people, surgical reconstruction is necessary especially when they have suffered from a major accident. For others, it could simply be about wanting to better one’s self.

Anyhow, whatever your reasons may be for facial reconstruction, that is for you to decide. What we’re here for today is to clear the common confusion between the terms “plastic surgery” and “facial cosmetic surgery” so we hope you are up for the ride.

I do agree with the people’s confusion about these two terms. After all, they are often used interchangeably in many conversations. However, if you really try to understand these two types of procedures, you’d see that there is a fundamental difference between the two.

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Let’s start with Plastic Surgery.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a physical reconstructive procedure done when the person has suffered some sort of accident or is afflicted with a disease that has caused deformity in a part or some parts of his or her body. A common example is when a person has been involved in a vehicular accident. It could be that during the impact, parts of his or her face got maligned like the nose or jaw. In the event of an unfortunate accident like this one, the victim of the vehicular accident may consult with a professional for a facial reconstruction procedure.

If the plastic surgeon is skilled enough, he can reconstruct the face to look exactly as it was before the accident – or, at the victim’s behest, the surgeon may also make minor improvements.

Another example is when a person has been injured with a 2nd or 3rd degree burn. Plastic surgery may also be seen as a solution to the affected or burnt parts of the body.

Next, let us discuss what Facial Cosmetic Surgery Means.

What Is Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

If Plastic Surgery deals with more serious, disease or accident caused correctional procedures, facial cosmetic surgery focuses more on enhancing someone’s appearance. Human as we are, we want to look pleasing in the eyes of many. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have narcissistic tendencies; it is a natural need for many to look appealing and desirable.

For most women I know, facial cosmetic surgery is something they do to make themselves happy. It helps them walk with confidence and nourish self-love. I’m not saying that there aren’t other ways to help you boost ‘your confidence. There are many. But I guess looking so darn fine is just a top of that list. Just check out this article about how hot people affect the way other people think:

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There are basically two types of facial cosmetic procedures: Invasive and Non-Invasive. Nose jobs, face lifts, and liposuction are what you’d consider invasive surgical procedures as they involve methods that require the attending physician to reconstruct the face intrusively. Invasive procedures often take a longer time healing. Non-invasive procedures, on the other hand, include Botox, fillings, and augmentation procedures. There is also a nose lifting method that is non-invasive so you can really explore your options these days.

Anyway, whether you go for Plastic Surgery or Facial Cosmetic Surgery, the bottom line is that it should be a decision you make for yourself. It should be your happiness that is put first. If your motives are good, then the results should be too.

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