Natural Skincare Solutions

Qēt Botanicals is a rapidly growing, 100% natural skin care brand that you may not have heard of. It features dozens of products for common skin conditions developed by its founder, Lisa Brill. Lisa was searching for effective and gentle solutions after encountering auto-immune issues and dealing with Rosacea.  She found that most products that claim to be natural still contain some harmful chemicals causing skin flare ups. After years of research and human testing (products are cruelty free), Qēt Botanicals now features a proprietary mix of anti-inflammatory plant-based oils clean, moisturize, and defy age, fighting bad bacteria while enhancing the skin’s own micro biome. The company sources unique ingredients from the all over the world to formulate skin care that has natural, curative properties without harmful toxins, preservatives, or hormone-disrupting ingredients.  As an EWG Verified brand, every ingredient must be scrutinized to create 100% clean treatments.

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