How Coolsculpting Made It to the Top

With the many popular cosmetic treatments out there, from facial enhancements to body toning and contouring, it’s easy to get lost among all the options. Fortunately, these procedures are different enough for individuals to choose and find the ones that fit their needs the most. In the case of Coolsculpting, it covers a lot of ground when it comes to finding a treatment that burns away extra fat.

While you most likely still have plenty of questions about this treatment, do keep in mind that they can easily be answered with just a little bit of research. We will try to do our best to cover as much information as possible, but we can only go so far as to answer your questions. Any modern practitioner that wants to stay in the highly competitive market must invest in their online presence. Part of this online presence includes writing about their treatments, from the smallest fat reduction treatment to more interesting ones like Fraxel, a laser skin-smoothing treatment beloved by practitioners and patients alike. It has helped tons of people smooth out uneven skin and make it feel fresh and young on top of looking the part. It’s great for those who are looking for a non-invasive procedure that gets rid of their jagged skin.

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But why is this treatment specifically so popular and what makes it such a better choice over others?


Some treatments require a bit of preparation before the procedure. This does not have to be anything major and most patients don’t really put much effort into the preliminary steps. However, this can still be time-consuming and just inconvenient. Coolsculpting requires very little preparation whatsoever.

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The most important step that any medical spa NYC clinics included, highly advise their patients to speak with a medical professional before signing up for any procedure. While most modern cosmetic treatments are safe and very effective, our bodies work differently and you never know what negative reaction you will have from a particular treatment.

Other than that, there is really not much else for patients to do if they want to prepare for Coolsculpting. It is thanks to the more lay back procedure that you will understand how this is the case.


The Coolsculpting procedure is famous for how safe and casual it is. One session will last anywhere from 40 to 50 minutes, but that time goes by very fast thanks to certain factors. First of all; your body is barely going to be harmed during the procedure. When you get cosmetic treatments, something you can almost always expect is the harm in some form, whether it be incisions or injections.

Coolsculpting is entirely non-surgical. This means it is performed completely on the outside of your skin and does not cause it any excess harm. Unless your skin is sensitive to cold temperatures, you should have no problems getting through the procedure. Special applicators will be placed on various parts of the body. The applicators will stay there throughout the entire session, as they freeze that area of your body and expose the underlying fat cells to cold temperatures.

During the procedure, you can sit back and pass the time as the applicators work. You can do anything from reading a book or magazine to watching TV, chatting with the staff, even talking on the phone or napping. The procedure is pretty casual and does not require you to be tense in any way. As long as the treated areas are motionless, you should have nothing else to worry about.

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Once the treatment is finished, which should take two to 4 separate sessions, apoptosis kicks in. This is a self-destruct sequence that is naturally programmed into all fat cells. Whenever they get damaged beyond repair, the body attempts to get rid of them before they can cause any damage to other cells or structures. If enough fat cells are exposed to cold temperatures and go through apoptosis, you can imagine that the body is going to be busy disposing of many fat cells.

This process takes a bit of time. You won’t wake up one morning to find all the fat cells in the treated areas gone. It will take months for your body to dispose of them properly, but you will see a gradual improvement in the treated area, as the fat layer becomes visibly smaller and the body more sculpted. You simply have to be a little more patient and let your body work naturally.

During this time, it is highly recommended to avoid any of the past habits which caused the fat buildup in the first place. While Coolsculpting can get rid of excess fat cells, it cannot keep new ones from taking their place. This is completely up to you.

If you take that extra step to abandon the old, unhealthy way of living and adopt healthier habits, such as regular exercise and proper dieting, the results of Coolsculpting can last you forever. But if you go back on your old habits, the fat will return in no time and you will find yourself facing the same problem all over again.

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Results and What to Expect

You may have to wait up to half a year for the full results to become visible. But when you see them, you will definitely notice a huge difference and improvement. First, your body will look significantly slimmer in key areas than it did before the treatment. With the fat cells having been disposed of, that part of the body looks much more sculpted and lean.

You will also feel the difference, such as with the inner thighs. Having a little too much fat in that area causes the thighs to rub against each other resulting in skin irritation. With Coolsculpting, you will feel that thigh gap as skin irritation becomes a thing of the past.

Couple these results with how versatile the treatment is and the wide range of areas on the body it can treat and you have yourself a body sculpting treatment that has become a staple in modern cosmetic centers. Coolsculpting is one of the most effective solutions for excess fat and offers many advantages over traditional fat reduction procedures. This is what makes it so popular and how Coolsculpting made its way to the top.

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