Orthopedic Medical Supplies 7 Most Useful Types and Their Best Use

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There are many orthopedic patients that need certain orthopedic medical supplies to help them get through their daily activities. Some of these patients need these certain items to be able to get around and properly function on their own. The medical branch of orthopedics deals with the corrections of the different kinds of deformities between the bones in your body and the muscles.

In order to figure out which type of orthopedic medical equipment that you will need, you will have to see an orthopedist to diagnose your injury or disorder. Next, you will need to discuss a treatment plan and figure out which exercises, or physical therapy that you will need to complete to heal your injury.

Seven Most Useful Orthopedic Supplies

There are several different orthopedic supplies that can help your rehabilitation be completed a little smoother. They should only be used at the recommendation of your doctor.

  1. Hot and Cold Therapy

There are several different products that fall under this category, but they all essentially do the same thing. Hot and Cold Therapy is crucial to prevent any swelling to the injured area while the rehabilitation is being completed. This also minimizes the amount of pain that the patient will feel during the treatment as well.

  1. Muscle Stimulation

The most popular device that falls into this category are the different types of Tens Units that are offered. There are several different types of Tens Units, some that are just pieces of cloth, but some that also come with Electrode Foam. There are others that are Analogs which are a little more high-tech than the others.

  1. Mobility Devices

Usually when dealing with orthopedic patients, they are going to need some sort of way for them to get around before and after their treatment is over. Some of these patients have been recommended by their doctor to use a wheelchair because the doctor does not want them moving unless it is for therapy reasons. Some patients with limited mobility are allowed to use canes, walkers, or crutches, depending on the doctor recommendation.

  1. Foam Pillows

This piece of orthopedic medical equipment doesn?t really feel like it would be classified as ?equipment,? but they are definitely needed. These special pillows are designed to help orthopedic patients be able to sleep in the correct position. If the patient completes all the necessary rehabilitation during the day but then does the wrong physical behavior overnight, this sets the patient up for disaster during rehab or physical therapy the next day. The foam pillows definitely give the patient a necessary advantage to help them towards completing their therapy goals.

  1. Supports and Splints

There are several different types of supports and splints for any injury that needs to be placed in a stationary position. These orthopedic medical supplies actually adds more support to the area that needs it plus keeps the bone completely still to heal properly. There are supports and splints for literally every part of the body that could sustain an injury. These are really useful in keeping the injured area in place to help alleviate the pain of the injury.

  1. Casting supplies

Every once in a while, there will arise a need for the use of casting supplies. Either the doctor deems the injury needs to be casted. This would mean that the bone is broken or that the doctor wants absolutely no movement at all while the injury heals itself. There are several different casting supplies such as casting splints, the padding that goes inside for the cast itself, casting tape, which helps keep the entire cast together and gives the patient a fun, bright color to look at while their bone or injury heals. There are also cast protectors, which is the coolest thing in this category. These look like little sacks that you can place over the cast and keep it protected while you shower or swim.

  1. Elastic Bandages

Elastic Bandages are really useful when it comes to wrapping an injured area. They are keen for keeping swelling at a minimum and helping to keep pressure on a certain area if it is needed. Patients use these for any kind of sprain from ankle sprains to wrist sprains. This is one of those really common orthopedic supplies that most people usually have laying around in their homes.

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