Nutritional and health challenges you may thrive in 2019 – A guide to right eating

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Every New Year, just after its 12 and you complete partying your way to the New Year, you get a golden opportunity to write something on the first page of your New Year. The first things that come to your mind while filling up the first page is to set the best resolutions, tackle your health, achieve your fitness goals, get back in shape, get the right nutrition that your body requires. But among all the aforementioned resolutions, the one that becomes tough is your nutrition and health goals. Those goals which stick to make a change that lasts for a long time takes a lot of hard work and effort.

Once you search the internet, you will find several blogs which will claim to be the best in promising you quick fixes through shortcuts or hacks but what you will really need is a lasting change which can’t be brought in overnight. Just as you don’t get fat overnight or you don’t develop bad eating habits overnight, similarly the positive results also don’t come overnight. If you wish to overcome all your nutrition and health challenges for 2019, here’s help for you. Scroll down to know more.

Monthly nutrition and health challenges for 2019

In order to bring about any lasting or big health change, you have to rely on a strong foundation of habit. Once you establish this foundation, there are endless options. In case you stick to this plan, you will progress towards your health and fitness goals. Each of the challenges is designed in such a manner that they last for a month. Most of the challenges are adaptable and hence if it sounds easy, step further to make it harder. Here are few challenges to thrive in.

#1: Decide what this year is for

If you plan overarching themes, they will let you remain focused. When you set a theme, you offer yourself a guide for being able to meet objectives and goals. If you’re feeling conflicted about some mini goal or task, you should ask yourself whether it fits your theme. If answered in the affirmative, that’s ok but if the answer is in negative, you should rethink it. Define your year with definite goals like – ‘this year, I’m going to be vegan’ or ‘this year, I’ll run a marathon’ or ‘this year, I’ll lose 20 pounds’.

#2: Nail your breakfast everyday

They say that breakfast is certainly the most vital meal of the day as you literally ‘break’ the ‘fast’. If you can have a healthy breakfast by choosing the right meal, you can get immense energy for spending an energetic day. If you want to make your breakfast healthier and rich in nutrition, you may also add fusion supplements so that you get the right vitamins and minerals and in the right portion. So, make it a priority to start off your day with a energy-rich breakfast.

#3: Meditate everyday

Did you know that if you could meditate for even few minutes in a day, this could make you a calmer, happier and more focused person? However, anyone who has tried to meditate but hasn’t been successful in it knows how tough it is to make your mind meditate. There are many who have tried but couldn’t let the habit stick. So, you should cultivate the habit of increasing your happiness, staying focused and improving your health conditions by meditating daily. Begin with only 2 minutes in a day and build it from there.

#4: Plan your meals

If there is a single piece of advice that could be given to people who are watching out for ways in which they can become healthier, it should be planning your meals. If you can plan your meals that you have throughout the week, this can help you save money and time. This is a healthier option as you don’t have to raid the kitchen always hunting for something that is appetizing. As you plan your meals, you can do the grocery shopping similarly and thereafter be able to stick to your healthy goals and habits which you’ve set for yourself.

#5: Incorporate an exercise routine

You can reap the benefits of the 2-5 minute breaks which you take throughout the day and add in push-ups, sprints, squats which are all high-intensity exercises. Plan the total number of push-ups that you can complete in five 3-minute workouts. If you work in an office, there too you should seek advantage of the short breaks that you take while you’re in the office and in between calls. Just make sure you keep moving your body to pump up your heart rate and also to build strength.

Food portions – Are you sure you know enough on it?

In order to reach or retain a healthy weight, what you eat is equally important as how much you eat. Are you sure about how much food is enough for your body? Are you sure about the differences between a serving and a portion? If you don’t, we’re here to help you out.

The difference between a serving and a portion

If you take into account a portion, this is the amount of food that you choose to eat once, whether it’s from a package or at a restaurant or at home. On the contrary, a serving is the total amount of food which is listed on the product label. With different food items, the serving size is different and this could be measured in ounces, cups, pieces, grams, slices or numbers. The serving size that is printed on the label of the product is more or less than what you’re supposed to eat and this depends on your weight, age, gender and your level of activity.

How much should you eat?

Have you ever wondered about how many calories you require everyday to maintain your weight or to lose weight? Well, this depends entirely on your weight, age, gender, metabolism rate, your activeness quotient and different other factors. If you are a 150 pound woman who engages in various types of high intensity physical exercises like running on the treadmill or doing cardio or just fast running, you’ll need more calories than a woman of the same weight who only goes out for a walk for a short time span.

You can check with the Dietary guidelines for the Americans from which you may get a clear idea of the total number of calories that you may need based on your sex, age and level of physical activity. You may also utilize Body Weight Planner tool to make the calories let you reach your weight goal.

How should you seek help of the food labels?

The FDA food label is always printed on majority of the food items and this label is definitely one of the best ways of calculating the total amount of nutrients and calories that are there in a certain food. For instance, when you go through the food labels, you’ll know how many calories and how much protein, fat and sodium you will have in a single food serving. You’ll come across several packaged foods which comprise of more than just a single serving. So, it is better to understand how to calculate the serving size and have it.

Why is nutrition vital for your body?

Nutrition is vital for the development and growth of your body and well-being. It is only by eating a healthy diet that you can keep illnesses at bay and also enhance the quality of life that you lead. The nutritional status of your body is the condition of health which is decided by whatever you put inside your body. There are indeed different ways of determining your personal nutritional status which include anthropometric, biochemical measurement and food intake.

Your BMI or Body Mass Index is one of the best indicators of your personal nutritional status. This BMI needs your height and weight and relates well with the body fat which is determined as a percentage of your body weight. This relation depends on your age and the highest correlations are found during the age of 26 to 55 and it is lowest among the elderly and young. In case your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you will be considered as overweight and a BMI above 30.0 is categorized as obese. The healthiest BMI range is 18.5-24.9.

Few things to consider on balanced nutrition

You can’t forget that regular exercise and balanced nutrition are both required for good health. These are the only habits which can let you lose your weight or maintain it. Setting realistic goals is the best way out as you can push your body towards making those small diet changes which can bring about a positive change to your body. Don’t opt for short-term or fad diets as they can claim to let you lose weight fast but they’re mostly unhealthy. Hence, it is always better to opt for healthy diets prepared by your nutritionist.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is too confused about your nutrition intake and how much you should eat in order to get the perfect nutrition, keep in mind the above listed information.

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