Everything You Need to Know About Superfoods

what are superfoods?

These days, superfoods are all the rage. Headlines announce the ample nutrients found in these fruits, companies promote their disease-preventing products, and researchers continue to study foods that offer significant health benefits.

Why is this trend so popular? Everyone wants a cure-all. The idea of specific foods offering nutrients and health benefits is appealing. here are some ideas about how superfoods can improve your health and even your libido and which ones you should add to your diet.

A Brief History

Interestingly enough, nutrition scientists did not coin the term. The first recorded use of the word was during World War I. The United Fruit Company marketed its bananas as such. They highlighted the fruit’s health benefits and high nutrition content.

The term became more popular within the next few years. Medical journals published studies confirming the health benefits of bananas. The fruit was also endorsed by reputable organizations such as the American Medical Association.

Thanks to bananas, “superfood” became a well-known term. Companies and health specialists labeled other highly nutritious foods as such.

The Term in Today’s World

There has never been an official definition for the term. There isn’t a food group that lists all of the superfoods available.

Instead, the term is mostly used as a marketing strategy. Companies want to spotlight all of the health benefits and nutrients these products have to offer.

That being said, studies have shown the benefits of many superfoods are accurate. They are packed with nutrients essential for the body, and can also help prevent certain diseases.

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What Are Superfoods?

The definition is rather loose. A superfood is essentially any product that is considered extraordinarily beneficial to a person’s health. They are typically fruits and veggies. However, there are fish and dairy products that are classified as such.


Some prime examples of superfoods include:


The flavonoids found in berries have great antioxidant effects. This can help lower the risk of heart attacks. Some common varieties include:

  • Goji berries. Native to Asia, goji berries are small and red. They contain many flavonoids and are high in vitamin C and E. They are used to treat high blood pressure and diabetes. They can also help maintain kidney, liver, and eye health.
  • Blueberries are high in vitamin K, manganese, and fiber.
  • Cranberries can help lower the risk of urinary tract infection.
  • Acai berries. Grown in South America, goji berries are small and dark purple. They have 19 amino acids and contain many antioxidants.

Sweet Potatoes

These are great sources of fiber and vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are great because they are naturally sweet. This means you don’t have to use excessive salt, cream, or butter.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are known for lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease. Other fatty fish such as mackerel and sardines are also beneficial.


When people hear superfoods, they might think they’ve found the magic bullet. They think they’ll get all the nutrients they ever need from one fruit or vegetable. This causes people to focus too much on one product.

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However, this isn’t the case. Consuming too much of one nutrient can actually cause more harm than good. If you have any worries or concerns always do some research and perhaps consult some experts.

The Bottom Line

Superfoods are an awesome part of any balanced diet. They offer significant health benefits and can prevent disease. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t rely on one superfood for all of your nutrition. Include a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables on your plate. This will ensure you are consuming a balanced diet and living a healthy life.

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