5 Foods That Boost Your Mood

There’s a lot more to getting healthy and staying healthy than sculpting a great body. You can have a calorie-controlled diet and go to the gym every day, and you might look great because of it, but that’s only so much use to you if you still don’t feel good about yourself when the day is over. All of us are prone to feeling down from time to time – even if we don’t know why – and it’s important that we address that in the same way we address our body’s dietary needs.

Just as there are some foods that can help you build and maintain muscle, there are some foods that can help you build and maintain your mood. Some food types are likely to bring you down and depress you, while others will bring you up and make you feel energetic and revitalized. The good news is that many of the foods that have been proven to boost your mood also happen to be good for the rest of your body, too. It’s almost like nature is trying to tell us something!

The fact that food might have a label on it claiming that it’s good for you, or is high or low in a certain ingredient, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s what your mind and body want or need. Frustratingly, putting foods into our bodies can sometimes feel like spending money on an online slots website. If you’ve ever done that, you know exactly how that works. Success or failure at online slots comes randomly. Once you’ve spent your money, you’re at the mercy of fate. Sometimes you walk away from UK Online Slots with a jackpot, and other times you walk away with nothing at all. The same is true with food – sometimes you do everything right and still feel terrible, and other times you feel great even though you’ve barely eaten anything that’s supposed to be food for you at all. Making sure you’re eating the right foods for your mood, though, can improve your chances of getting that ‘jackpot’ feeling on a day to day basis – so let’s look at them!


Bananas, as most people know, are an excellent source of potassium. There are some people who swear by bananas as a hangover cure. You shouldn’t just eat them after you’ve been drinking alcohol, though – you should be eating them all the time. There’s a whole carnival of helpful ingredients inside a banana, including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, fiber, and phosphorous – along with the aforementioned potassium. Perhaps more importantly, there’s a good amount of tryptophan – an amino acid that can become serotonin when it mixes with vitamin B6. Serotonin is a mood booster and will help you to ward off anxious feelings. A banana in the evening might even help you to sleep, so if insomnia is a problem for you, give it a try!


We really hope you like seafood. If you do, you probably already think of oysters as a treat anyway. If you don’t, you may have to hold your nose and try to get over the issue. The benefits of eating oysters are too good to miss out on. You’ll have to go a long way to find a better naturally-occurring source of zinc, and zinc is what helps your brain to keep on ticking. It’s a store of energy waiting to be unleashed. Most anti-depressants contain zinc because it’s been proven to help with symptoms of the illness. It’s not just zinc, though – oysters also contain tyrosine, which is like a conductor that helps your brain produce helpful chemicals faster. The more efficient your brain is at that job, the better you’ll feel.

Brazil nuts

You might only eat Brazil nuts at Christmas. If you do, you might have noticed that you feel especially down in January. That’s not just because Christmas is over for another year – it’s because you stopped eating Brazil nuts. The nuts contain enormous amounts of selenium, and without selenium, you’re far more prone to fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Even if Christmas being over was likely to make you sad, suddenly withdrawing Brazil nuts from your diet probably made coping with the situation far harder! You only need to eat three Brazil nuts every day to get your recommended daily allowance of selenium, and that’s an amount anyone should be able to handle. If eating whole nuts isn’t your thing, chop them up and put them with something else. Here’s a tip – they go very well with bananas!


Oats are not exciting. We won’t pretend otherwise. They’re dry, they’re plain, and they can sometimes be a little chewy. Try not to hold that against them, because they can do great things for your mindset if you can overlook the fact that they don’t really taste of anything. Oats have a very low glycaemic index. That means that they release their energy into your bloodstream very slowly after you’ve consumed them. That’s why they’re so popular as a breakfast food – they can keep you going for hours. Having a reliable source of slow-release energy is about more than just sustenance, though – it’s also about balance. Eat the wrong foods, and you’ll have sudden spikes and drops in blood pressure, which will cause your mood to spike and crash along with them. Oats help to keep things level and stop the crashes from happening.

Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines

We’ve grouped these three types of fish together because you can eat any of them, and they’ll all have the same effect. That’s because they’re all oily fish, and oily fish are great for your brain. In fact, without wanting to give you a disturbing mental image, they’re more or less what your brain is made of. More than half of the brain is fat, and around a third of that fat is Omega 3. Salmon, mackerel, and sardines are full of Omega 3 fatty acids. Think of them as a top-up for your brain, helping it to generate new cells and stay agile. An agile brain is one that can use its neurotransmitters effectively, and that helps you to feel sharper and more awake. To put it another way, fish keep you perky!

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