Organic Valley Co-op Plans to Accept Over 100 New Farms


Organic Valley is solidifying its position as a leading farmer-owned, organic cooperative in the United States. They started in 1988, as a handful of Midwest farmers who were told to either “get big or get out.” However, converting to large, chemical, corporate farms was not what these Midwest farmers had in mind. These farmers banded together to create a farmer-owned cooperative with a goal of protecting people’s health, the economy, and their animals’ well-being. Since their creation, Organic Valley has gained over 1600 members of their dairy coop. They welcomed over 80 new farms in 2023, and plan to welcome over 100 more in 2024.

“It fills us with excitement to bring these new farms into the fold of our cooperative, where we will join forces to further our cause and our dream of revolutionizing the food system,” said Shawna Nelson, Organic Valley’s executive vice president of membership. “Aligned with our roots of nourishing organic food, sustainable family farming and thriving communities, these farms are passionate about contributing to a movement that champions the interest of both farmers and consumers.”

Organic Valley products can be found in most grocery stores across the United States, and with the coop’s growth, Organic Valley is teasing the release of many new products, part in thanks to their new cooperative members. So, keep your eyes peeled for the release of some new Organic Valley dairy products this coming year.

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