Movement And Mother Nature: Natural Ways To Speed Up Your Recovery After Plastic Surgery

While the United States has the?highest number of plastic surgeons, people from all over the world are seeking out cosmetic procedures to maintain their youthfulness. The most popular treatments are currently breast liposuctions, while sought-after nonsurgical procedures include Botox and fillers. If you?re planning on any cosmetic surgery, it?s vital to maintain those beautiful results after surgery by looking after yourself properly. This includes?following a healthy diet after plastic surgery, but there are other important skincare and lifestyle tips you should know about.

Take Up Natural Skincare??

After finding a plastic surgeon you trust and going through the surgery, it?s of the utmost importance to look after your skin afterwards. Otherwise you risk delaying your healing or sabotaging your surgery results. Since you?ll probably encounter some post-surgery effects, such as redness, swelling, and bruising, now?s not the time for harsh skincare ingredients.

Going the natural route is best to give your skin TLC. Switch your harsh chemical skin products for natural ones that don?t contain fragrances which can irritate your skin. There are many natural ingredients that can speed up your healing, such as Vitamin C that provides your skin with antioxidants. Other examples include arnica montana, which reduces swelling and bruising, and aloe vera. According to research published in the Indian Journal Of Plastic Surgery, aloe vera has shown promising results in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. However, as with any ingredient you apply to your sensitive post-surgery skin, it?s always crucial to get the go-ahead from your surgeon before trying it so you don?t cause damage to your skin.

Routine is Everything

Although tackling pain and swelling is your priority during this time, you want to be sure that you also stick to a daily skincare routine of washing and moisturizing your skin. This will prevent complications such as discoloration and dryness, while keeping your skin hydrated so it remains supple. Natural ingredients, such as honey and oatmeal, can be?great for moisturizing skin naturally?while also giving you a bit of pampering after surgery. The added benefit of honey is that it?s a natural wound healer.

Tense Your Face ?

Rest and relaxation is the best post-surgery mantra, but it?s also good to move your body a bit. According to research published in Best International News, doing facial exercises can boost the?elasticity of your facial muscles?by 35 percent in two months. This is important after cosmetic surgery, such as facelifts, to encourage blood flow to the area so that it can heal. An example of an easy facial exercise you can do is to place your thumbs on the outer corners of your eyes, then squeezing your eyes shut. Move your thumbs gently over the tense muscles, then relax them. This has the added benefit of encouraging a reduction in skin puffiness, which is common after plastic surgery.

Move Your Body

When it comes to exercising your body, you need to gently ease into an exercise routine so as not to stress your body out. However, walking shortly after your surgery can be beneficial to boost your body?s circulation so that nutrients and oxygen can be transported to the surgical site. There are other benefits you can reap from walking, such as relief from feelings of weakness, a healthier immune system to fight infection, and quicker wound healing, as was found by Ohio State University research.

It?s a myth to think that procedures such as liposuction are miracle cures – the fat cells that were removed from one area of your body can reappear elsewhere. This is why it?s important to commit to exercise. But heed your surgeon?s warning so that you don?t overdo it.

You?ve had your plastic surgery, now you just want to get back to living your new, fabulous life. By committing to a healthy lifestyle plan, filled with exercise, healthy eating, and smart skincare tips, you can get your body and skin where you want it in a much quicker, healthier way. Enjoy your new self and glow with wellbeing.

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