Mental health finally shifts into primary focus around the world

The conversation surrounding mental health has had a stigma attached to it for decades now. This unfortunately reality means that, for years and years, there has not been adequate

Despite countless theories throughout history about what actually causes mental health strains, these theories have largely been discounted, with people afraid or unwilling to openly discuss the desperate epidemic that is mental health. We lay so much importance on the maintenance of our physical health, that we fail to realise that whole health includes out mental health. Our mental health is just as important – if not more so – than our physical health.

There are various new treatments that are being hailed as miraculous transformative treatments – including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or traditional one-on-one therapy, depending on the severity of the mental health struggle that an individual goes through – that are becoming more and more openly available and discussed, thanks to rising discussion that has refused to budge in recent times. Over the last decade or so, the rising numbers of individuals suffering with their mental health has reached such astronomical heights that it has become a legitimate epidemic. We no longer have the wiggle room to side step around the issue – it is too prevalent, too in our faces.

Mental health is crucial to an individual’s whole health. Struggles like anxiety and depression manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the individual who is suffering. It is not at all uncommon for depression to cause mostly physical manifestations in one person, and more mental anguish in the individual standing next to them. No two people have the same minds, and that is exactly why diagnosing mental health concerns can be such a task. While the stigma is still very much existent, it has become looser all the time. With any luck, discussion about mental health will become so common place and so normalised in a few years that we will be able to openly and honestly converse and discuss relative actions without fear of judgement or prejudice.

We struggle so much with speaking about our mental health largely because of this stigma that has been attached to mental health as far back as can be. It has taken years of research, studies, and insistent discussion for mental health to be even remotely accepted as a genuine cause for concern, and even now there is still this judgemental hue that follows the discussion of mental health in many places in the world. It is tremendously unfortunate that we have had to get to this critical point with mental health strain for it to become something that people are comfortable discussing and seeking professional assistance for.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common manifestations of mental health struggle, and while they are each their own mentality, they can often have similar effects on individuals suffering. At the same time, two individuals with similar lives may experience anxiety or depression in entirely different ways. There is no set way to treat mental health issues, there is no set way to discuss them, and there is no set way to move forward. We just have to keep moving in the right direction.

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