What Measures to Take If a Child’s Fever Cannot Be Reduced?

Children have growing bodies that are vulnerable to various infections and miscellaneous externals effects. Even adults are subject to numerous hazardous exposures without mentioning unprotected children’s organisms. For this reason, mothers with their offspring have to visit pediatrician on a regular basis. However, troubles can catch them flatfooted.

Child’s high temperature also known as fever often takes his/her antecedents at a disadvantage. A kid becomes weak and hot, and all methods of first-aid care usually slip out of the mother’s mind. As a rule, it is better to contact specialized services like Urgent Care in Brooklyn. However, any mother should be aware of actions and measures to perform in such urgent case.


What You Can Do When a Child Suffers From Fever

If the fever does not exceed 100° F and the kid does not have troubles, there is no need to use antipyretics. The matter is that the organism struggles against a contamination more effectively at the increased temperature. For this reason, it is not obligatory to subdue fever without special need. Exception cases include situations when the child suffers from a neurologic disease or experiences complications. In this case, antipyretics are required when the threshold of 99.5° F is exceeded.

For the cases above 100° F, consult a pediatrician regarding the approved febrifuge for children. It is advised to use medicines in suppositories for infants. Medicines in the form of syrup are permitted for adult kids. Avoid using aspirin by no means! Taking aspirin by children up to 12 years old at a viral infection can cause a dangerous complication— Reye’s syndrome also known as fatty degeneration of the viscera.

Fever is an obligatory condition to call a pediatrician or physician to define the reason for rising in temperature. Point any symptom accompanying the temperature increase including cold, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, head pain, stomach pain, rash, etc.



If your baby undergoes spasms or the temperature exceeds 104° F, you need to call urgent care as soon as possible. While waiting for medical care, give febrifuge to the child. Try to put the child to bed by reading an interesting book, showing animated films, playing quiet games etc. Make sure your kid has a sleep or a rest to gain strength.


Child Care in the Case of Fever

It is recommended to feed the sick kid with digestible food. Meat (especially fried), as well as greasy, sweet and tinned food, should be temporarily excluded from the ration.

Give abundant fluid to your baby. Water washes away toxins formed in the course of viruses’ life activity from the organism. The best alternatives to water include a tea with lemon or raspberry and warm milk with honey (unless the child has the allergy). Fruit drinks, stewed fruits, juices containing vitamin C are also very useful. You can also use mineral water, herbal and fruit teas.

Regularly air the room and moisten the ambient air whenever possible. Maintain the level of temperature at 68-70 degrees.

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