Tips for a Successful Medical Exam

Do you struggle during exams?

So you’ve taken the leap, you’ve been accepted, attended your classes and now for the words every student dreads hearing: exams!

Exams are at the core of the medical degree. Our journey from innocent newbie to medical professional is a long one, and exams often haunt our every move.

Turning down parties and staying up late to study, nose buried in books until you find yourself waking up the next day, cheeks stuck to the pages continuing where you left off. A concoction of caffeine, energy drinks and sugary foods keeping you bound to the desk whilst every other sentence falls out of your head like water pouring through a sieve. Sound familiar? Oh no, what’s that… shame and despair looming. Listen, nobody is perfect and we have all been there.

Tip number 1: do not do this if you want to ace your medical exam.

Tip number 2: Realize that in modern times we have ample opportunity to diversify our learning using technology. QUPI  believes in engaging our brains and increasing our mind’s capacity to retain the medical information that we need. A savvy student is aware that they need to keep themselves engaged in order to stay focused and remember what they need to. QUPI is designed to be quick and fun, giving you a break from the dusty books. It will bring you the best chance of passing your medical exams and going on to become a professional in your respected field.

Tip number 3: Prepare, prepare, prepare! We can’t say it enough. Please, prepare. In order for you to perform well in an exam, you need to be cool and calm when walking in. If you’re panicked and falling apart your mind won’t be well equipped to cope or focus. If you are collected, you will be able to call upon the information that you need to in the moment to answer the given questions, which, after all, is all an exam is. It doesn’t look too scary when written like that does it?

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Our fourth and final tip… Use QUPI!

This is because QUPI is designed to simulate a multiple choice exam, with an extensive medical question bank covering every aspect of your medical course. You will be able to customise your quiz to practice the subject matter and difficulty level that you need to focus on.

Not only do we have over 10,000 practice questions covering every part of your course, but QUPI has also been designed specifically with exams like the Medical Student Finals in mind. Using QUPI is an efficient way to practice your medical knowledge and will give you confidence in answering multiple choice type questions under exam-like conditions.

You may be skeptical about how studying could possibly be fun, but QUPI really is! Taking a quick quiz with QUPI feels more like playing a game than studying, especially true with our mobile app. You’ll be able to take a practice quiz on the go, escaping the stuffy library or loud roommates as QUPI can be used from the coffee shop or park. No matter where you are, QUPI has got you covered.

QUPI was founded and curated by medical students, so we know exactly what you’re going through. We’ve already been through what you’re facing, so we thought we’d use our combined experience to help you along on the way!

We know that the road ahead is long, and there will be many exams standing between you and your goals, but you’ve got this. If you have the confidence in yourself to get this far, we know you can build the confidence to go the whole way. QUPI has helped thousands more like you worldwide. With hard work, the support of technology and the backing of previous medical students, you can retain your medical knowledge and make it to the hospital or clinic of your dreams.

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