Deer Antler Velvet Benefits & Health Information

Deer Antler Velvet benefits for heath

Known as a natural remedy for to support performance enhancement, mood stability, joint function, and immune function, and even libido, deer antler velvet benefits are well known throughout the Alternative Medicine community.

This unique substance comes from extracting the tips of deer antlers when the antlers are in a growth stage. Due to extremely high hormonal activity within the antler deer antlers are the fastest growing animal tissue in the world. The testosterone and insulin growth factors (IGF-1, IGF-2) are the fuel for this rapid growth and the foundation for deer antler velvet health benefits.

The extraction of this tissue and transfer of these growth factors into digestible form is what creates such a powerful nutrition supplement.

When taken in pure form, deer antler velvet is used for help with the following health benefits:

  • Boost muscle strength and endurance
  • Increase levels of certain sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone)
  • Help with ED
  • Help with muscle and joint recovery from soreness and muscle fatigue
  • Support healthy joint function
  • Support enhanced mental health and mood stability

Deer Antler Velvet benefits had a meteoric rise in popularity when Ray Lewis allegedly relied on Deer Antler Velvet to support the repair of his torn right triceps. At the time, in 2012-2013, the supplement was banned by the NFL due to the fact that it contains insulin-like growth factors (IGF). This WADA restriction was later overturned as it’s a natural occurring substance – and deer antler velvet is now approved for use in the majority of professional sports.

Ban or no ban, throughout time, a shocking number of professional athletes have relied on deer antler velvet benefits – claiming the supplement as a steroid alternative.

We connected with one of the leading brands selling deer antler velvet, Pure Velvet Extracts, to ask about the controversy. According to Pure Velvet, the Ray Lewis scandal was detrimental to the overall deer velvet category.

Deer Antler Velvet had previously been a lesser known supplement due to the high costs associated with ethically harvesting the product in the US. The surge in popularity driven by the Ray Lewis scandal brought many suppliers to the market chasing the new demand. In an effort to sell the product at a mass market price, brands started releasing diluted forms and referencing proprietary blends as a way of masking the minimal amount of deer velvet within the product. With only trace amounts of the product, the supplements failed to deliver on the benefits.

Pure Velvet, which sells pure form deer antler velvet for up to $250 a bottle, claims that brands selling products for a fraction of the price hurt the credibility of the category. “Many take a proprietary blend containing deer antler velvet and don’t realize that there’s barely any actual velvet in the formula. They come away from the experience thinking deer velvet doesn’t help, when they’ve essentially been taking a vitamin water masked as deer antler velvet. We only sell ethically harvested, pure form deer antler velvet because we know taking anything else is wasting one’s time.”

Different forms of Deer Antler Velvet

Deer extract comes in multiple different forms. The most commonly marketed form is to reference the product as a deer antler spray, but we found that most brands actually sell it in liquid form that is delivered using a dropper.

Other forms of deer antler velvet include:

  • Powders
  • Capsules
  • Customer delivery

Opinions on the best deer antler velvet delivery method seems to differ, but the most popular standing we’ve found is liquid form.

Who can benefit from deer antler velvet?

Overall, deer antler velvet is one of the most interesting supplements in the holistic health category. Despite the wide range of suggested Deer Antler Velvet benefits, the cost of purchasing pure form is very expensive. Meanwhile, lower priced forms may not deliver on the type of health benefits you’re looking for. If you’re an athlete, especially need help with one of the mentioned benefits, or just have the money to satisfy your curiosity, it could be interesting to try.

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