Beware of Fake Injectables: Legitimate vs. Counterfeit Botox

Making sure your botox is safe

With age, skin begins to naturally sag. Some people choose to combat this with injectables in order to plump the skin and fill in ridges. What these people might not know is that there are fake injectables out there that can actually be devastating for your health.

It pays to do some research in order to find out which products are legitimate and which ones are fake. So how do you go about telling the difference?

Why Are Fake Injectables A Concern?

You don’t want to buy what you think is completely safe Botox treatments and end up getting something that’s fake. But fake injectables can actually be quite dangerous for your health. Botox injectables are regulated so that they don’t have any mysterious substances in them; fake injectables don’t undergo such regulations, meaning that they could contain anything. Many people who have used them have ended up with scarring, serious side effects, and complications.

How To Avoid Buying Fake Injectables

There are some things you could look out for to avoid buying fake injectables.

  • always go to a licensed professional to receive your injectable treatment instead of buying the product separately. They are only allowed to use injectables that are regulated.
  • check the packaging. Legitimate products don’t change their packaging very often, unless it’s with the approval of the manufacture. Look for any minor differences between packages to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are fake.
  • look at the price. If the price seems too good to be true, then more than likely, it’s fake. Regulated injectables are always offered at a standard price in order to ensure fair market competition.
  • ask the professionals. They would know best which products are real from the fake ones. Heed their advice and stick to the brands that they recommend.
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When you do find the fakes from the real ones, always choose in-office treatments instead of trying to administer them yourself. Even if you do end up with a fake product, they know how to administer it properly to give you the results that you want instead of risking your health.

What To Do If You’ve Already Bought Fakes

The best thing you can do is bring them to a professional. At best, they can tell you if they’re safe to use or not. In the event that they’re not, they can discard of them properly for you. They can then recommend the right brands for you to use so that you won’t be duped in the future.

You shouldn’t take any chances when it comes to your skin. The companies that make fake injectables don’t care at all about your health; all they care about is making money. Take the proper steps to prevent being fooled just to save on money; it’s not worth it in the end and you’ll probably have to spend more money in the long run, either buying legitimate injectables or having to find remedies for your scarred skin.

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