You Should Start Taking Krill Oil NOW and this is Why

We are prioritizing our health and well-being today like never before, and we are doing this on many levels. There is no question that being healthy takes on many meanings from exercising regularly and staying hydrated, to eating a balanced diet and getting enough of sleep, but often there are times when our bodies need that extra dose of nutrition simply because our daily diet just isn’t cutting it.

In order to ensure that our bodies are getting the right amount of the vitamins and minerals it needs, supplementation may be necessary to help bridge the nutritional gap. And luckily in today’s market, there is no shortage of options when it comes to good quality dietary supplements.

Let’s Start with the Basics of Krill Oil

Krill oil is a good option when it comes to general health and there are many reasons why. Krill oil is a marine phospholipid complex of choline and omega-3s that comes with a multitude of benefits. To that end, there is no question that you should start taking krill oil now and this is why…

Let’s start with the basics of krill. There is no other supplement that provides the vital nutrients, choline and omega-3s, in such an efficient delivery form that krill oil can. With krill oil, the body immediately recognizes omega-3s (EPA & DHA) and incorporates them into the cells before carrying them to the tissues and organs that need them the most, such as the heart, brain, joints and more. This happens due to krill oil’s phospholipid advantage.

What are Phospholipids and Why Should You Care?

Some refer to phospholipids (faa·sfow·li·puhd) as the “molecule of life”. Simply put, without them, we would suffer critical cellular dysfunction and, with that, enormous health consequences. Phospholipids are natural, integral parts of cells that help maintain the strength, flexibility, and integrity of cells and cell membranes.

Think about phospholipids riding a highway to your cells. The highway, or path, that krill oil takes into your body’s cells is clear and direct. This direct path allows for all of the key nutrients to find its destination in the body in the most effective way. The omega-3s found in krill oil are taken up directly into the cell walls simply because they have the exact same structure as our body’s building blocks.

The Krill Oil and Choline Connection

In addition to its phospholipids, krill oil naturally contains choline, a vital nutrient. Naturally found in foods such as eggs, milk, beef, chicken liver, cod, broccoli and more, choline is vital for many body functions such as nerve signaling, as well as liver and muscle functioning, and is essential for our health. In fact, choline helps benefit liver and heart health.

Similar to omega-3s, our bodies can’t make enough choline on its own, so we need to get it from our diet. 90% of American don’t get enough choline from their diet which is why it is important to supplement with choline.

Another reason why you should love krill oil…it is a safe, effective and well tolerated way to boost your necessary intake levels of choline.

Krill Oil Has Proven Health Benefits

Krill oil offers a range of health benefits such as:

  • Heart Health: Krill oil has shown to have beneficial effects related to heart health, such as lowering fasting triglyceride levels which are a risk for heart disease.
  • Joint Health: Omega-3s play an important role in regulating inflammation in the body, which can have a crucial impact in protecting our joints throughout life.
  • Brain Health: Phospholipids assist in the transportation of omega-3 DHA across the blood brain barrier.
  • Skin Health: Omega-3s play a role in modulating the hydration and elasticity of the skin.
  • Eye Health: Omega-3s are especially important to help keep your eyes healthy, with the highest concentration of DHA in the body found in the retina.
  • Liver Health: Choline and omega-3s are important for maintaining healthy liver function and aid in the proper metabolism of fat.

Krill oil is Made up of 4 Key Nutrients

Krill’s role in providing all of these benefits comes from its health promoting nutrients¾omega-3 (EPA & DHA), phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin.

Omega-3s EPA & DHA:

  • Known as essential fatty acids
  • “The good fats” or the building blocks of our cells
  • Widely researched nutrients
  • Ingredients that provide flexibility to the cell and travel around the body to import the benefits of various tissues and organs


  • Natural, integral parts of cells
  • Helps maintain the strength, flexibility, and integrity of cells and cell membranes
  • Helps omega-3s integrate into the blood cell membranes leading to a high level of omega-3s


  • An essential nutrient for many body functions
  • Supports vital organs such as the heart and liver
  • Needs to be obtained from our diet, or through krill oil/ other supplements


  • A natural antioxidant gives krill oil its red color
  • Protects krill oil from oxidation, eliminating the need to add preservatives
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Consumer Fit is Essential: Krill Oil Helps to Meet YOUR Needs

In addition to health benefits, many of us will agree that consumer preferences are extremely important when it comes to seeking out a dietary supplement. Luckily when it comes to krill oil, usage and compliance are positive.

Some of us experience “pill fatigue” with some omega-3 options, but krill oil does not present this issue as capsules are small and easy to swallow. Also with krill oil, you won’t encounter issues with smell, aftertaste and reflux and this connects back to its phospholipid advantage.  Since phospholipids mix well with water, krill oil mixes with the stomach contents and does not sit on the top. This is the main reason why there is no fishy aftertaste or unpleasant digestion issues.

Sustainable and Traceable: A Competitive Advantage

In today’s market, a good product is not enough to win many of us over. People are looking for more than just quality, they want brands that align with their beliefs and values. Sustainability and traceability are important topics¾many of us like to know how our products are being sourced, how they are made, and where they are made, and that also help dictate our purchasing decisions.

We take omega-3 supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time, we want to know that these supplements come from sustainable sources. Many of us recognize that the health of the planet is as important as, and naturally linked to, the health of an individual.

Finding a trustworthy source for your krill oil product is actually quite easy. Just look for a product or brand that has the MSC eco-label to ensure that it is 3rd party verified sustainable.

Our Bodies Need Omega-3s, Krill Oil is a Great Solution

In conclusion, we all need omega-3 fatty acids as they are essential for our overall health at every stage of life, playing an important role in many processes in our bodies. Globally we are deficient in omega-3s, and that puts us at risk for a whole host of health issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, eye disease, and much more. For those of us who aren’t eating enough of fish, supplementing with a marine based omega-3 and choline complex such as krill oil is vital.  You can find krill oil at your local supermarket, health and wellness stores or at big box retailers in the supplements aisle.  And for more krill health information, visit here.

Source of images: Aker BioMarine

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