5 Reasons to have an Orange Every Day

5 benefits of eating an orange

Loaded with antioxidants, oranges are delicious and healthy. This citrus fruit is one of the popular fruits for making juices, marmalades and jams because of its natural sweetness and tanginess. It is also used in many face packs and peels. Oranges are low in calories and are rich in flavonoids and phytochemicals that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Orange is one of the fruits with highest vitamin C content. Eating oranges will lower risk of many health issues. It is also beneficial for your skin. Here are some more reasons to include more oranges in your diet.

Improves immunity

Loaded with vitamin C, oranges boost immunity. Vitamin C is required for the production of white blood cells that fight off bacteria and other foreign particles. Vitamin A, copper and folate present in oranges help vitamin C in maintaining the body’s immune system.

Lowers blood pressure

Oranges can lower the blood pressure thanks to the presence of herperiden flavanone in the pulpy part of the orange. The phytonutrient is present between the outer skin and the inner flesh of the fruit, so make sure you are eating the fruit and not juice it.

Prevents kidney stone formation

According to a study, orange juice can prevent the formation of kidney stone. Orange is rich in potassium, which is believed to be responsible for prevention of kidney stone. Potassium helps in getting rid of the free radicals from the body. Potassium is also needed for normal heart functioning.

Prevents cancers

According to research, orange contains D-limonene, a compound that prevents different cancers like skin cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. According to another study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, consumption of orange juice, orange and bananas during the initial couple of years of life can lower the risk of childhood leukemia.Promotes brain development

Promotes brain development

Orange contains folic acid and folate, which promotes the development of the brains. The nutrients also help maintain vital organs of your body. Consuming orange during pregnancy will prevent any neurological disorder in the baby later in life.

Oranges also have several beauty benefits. Vitamin C present in the fruit is needed for collagen production, which results in healthy hair and scalp. You can also use it for face packs and peel to get healthy skin. So, have an orange every day to stay healthy and glowing.


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