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5 Tips to Keep Your Immune System Strong

As the weather gets colder and people spend more time indoors the likelihood of getting sick with a cold or the flu is often on the rise in the fall. Fortunately, there are steps anyone can ...
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Tips to help your immune system be super vigilant

The coronavirus is a virus that mutates quickly, making it unstable and difficult to contain. “This also means we don’t have the typical immunity we’d have from other viruses,” explains Ara Suppiah, MD (affectionately known ...
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Regular exercise benefits immunity

Being in isolation without access to gyms and sports clubs should not mean people stop exercising, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Bath. Keeping up regular, daily exercise at a ...
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Can nasal washing help?

I've been looking for new, natural ways to relive my asthma and allergy symptoms. The nose is an elegant structure, beautifully designed for essential and life-supporting functions. It is not simply an air-intake port. When ...
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Food & Recipes

Super Foods for a Nutritious Diet

(Family Features) The health community has long praised the benefits of vitamins and nutrients derived from natural sources. For those looking to improve their health or take preventative measures, these 10 natural super foods can ...
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Everyday Items That Can Boost Your Immunity

In the current climate, health is on everyone's minds and we are all thinking "How can I avoid catching the coronavirus?" We are washing our hands incessantly, maintaining social distancing of six feet away from each ...
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