How Will the New Farm Bill Affect Medical Marijuana and CBD?

On December 20th, 2018, President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill. This is not news in and of itself, there’s typically a new Farm Bill passed every five years or so. What makes this one so newsworthy, is that it finally legalizes the growing of hemp in the U.S. This is indeed good news for the agriculture industry that’s still reeling from the trade tariff war with China and other countries.

A Little History

Way back in 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act was signed, making the growing, use and sale of marijuana illegal in the United States. Because hemp plants are so similar, they were included with this legislation. Before this, hemp was widely used and cultivated in the U.S. While chances are this tax act was motivated by timber and cotton interests at the time, who had a vested interest in seeing hemp criminalized, and the fact that hemp contained almost no psychoactive properties, it remained illegal until the Farm Bill of 2018 changed all that.

What It Means for CBD

For companies that produce things that come from non-THC cannabis plants like this CBD tincture, the Farm Bill means they can now grow their own hemp or buy it from growers in other states. They can also sell their wares across state lines, apply for business financing and take credit card payments, something not always allowed before, even in states where marijuana itself is legal. It also improves the acceptance and awareness of these products among the general public, who often saw them as “illegal” somehow. Tarred with the same brush as marijuana in people’s minds.

What About Medical Marijuana

The Farm Bill doesn’t really have an impact on medical marijuana directly since it uses THC-based cannabis plants that aren’t covered by the bill. The good thing that will come from this is that it, like CBD, should become more socially accepted, which is good news for the people that rely on it for pain and nausea relief.

The other good thing is that the Farm Bill will open the door to more research into hemp, CBD and medical marijuana. This is something that experts claim is desperately needed because even doctors that recommend these products sometimes know very little about them.

What Can Hemp Be Used For?

Industrial hemp plants can be traced back to Central Asia and China in around 4500 BC. Prized for their strong and durable fibers, hemp has long been a staple in making fabric, rope and paper. Today, hemp has many other uses and is popular because it is relatively inexpensive, easy to grow and it grows quickly.

Some other things people use hemp for today include making edible products because the plant and its seeds are high in protein. Hemp is used to make dog food, the seeds are sold in health food stores and the oils are used for medicinal purposes, promising a calming effect for people and pets.

Hemp can also be used to make plastic, diesel fuel, body lotion and so much more. And now that American farmers can get in on the growing, they can finally be a part of this bustling industry.

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